Digital and Experience Design

Digital strategy

We help you to specify your organisation's vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives in order to maximise the business benefits of your digital initiatives.

Experience-lead thought leadership

Staying abreast of business challenges and innovative solutions is critical to achieving success in any industry. Our team members will facilitate and lead the process of ideation and generation of insights that ignite creativity to clarify challenge and expand your business vision. This involves ‘hands-on’ workshops and education sessions.

Customer insights and research

We conduct user and usability research to identify what is needed, and how to move from assumptions to a solid understanding of what your audience needs.

Conceptualisation and ideation

We provide services to conceptualise information architecture systems, User interface and interaction design before any investment is made in building a solution. This includes wireframing and rapid prototyping.

Visual design

We offer full visual design services across all levels of fidelity and refinement. This spans conceptual design investigation to finalised designs and brand development.

Front-end development

We complete end-to-end build of user experience design components for a solution – visual, information and interaction design and development. This includes traditional information architecture outputs and front end design such as HTML, CSS, scripting and images.

Optimisation, evaluation and refinement

Services to increase web, digital, device and mobile goal-based successes such as conversions, sign ups, sales, donations and accuracy. This includes the optimisation of internal enterprise tools and processes, web analytics and reporting.

Packaged solutions

Expert Review

A great deal of time, money and effort goes in to designing and maintaining your online presence. That investment can all too easily be wasted if the user experience fails to satisfy expectations. If a visitor finds it difficult to navigate easily or find information quickly, it is highly likely that your website or application will be abandoned in favour of an alternative source.

Intergen’s expert review will provide an immediate analysis of the user experience of your online presence. You will receive a prioritised list of changes to correct confusing elements of the current design.

An expert usability review will help:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence
  • Identify issues which might be driving visitors away
  • Understand industry usability trends and discover how comparative organisations are implementing their online strategies
  • Improve visitor satisfaction and promote loyalty by providing a positive online experience
  • Discover how to improve navigation to ensure visitors can find the information and perform the tasks they need to
  • Ensure your content and structure is consistent with the business goals identified
User Testing

Usability is literally the “ease of use” or understanding it takes to make something work. In this case, it is the understanding of how an individual user navigates and interacts with your website or application to complete tasks and/or find the information they are looking for. Results of the tests will help resolve most internal issues that have arisen during the development and post launch phase(s) in an undisputed manner.

The objective of User Testing is to observe actual user performance, paying particular attention to where real people encounter difficulty. User testing provides behavioural insights by observing how people use a product or service.

User testing will help to identify problem areas and:

  • Settle any disputes instead of guessing
  • Provide real feedback with actual users
  • Low-cost for valuable results
  • Identify gaps that may have been overlooked
  • Minimise risk prior to development and public launch 

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