Modern Applications

System integration

The integration of systems provides many benefits to an organisation, including reduced manual entry and improved data quality. This leads to significant efficiencies in business process, making systems easier to use and employees more productive.

Custom web solutions

Providing a web interface to your enterprise platforms extends the functionality and capabilities of these systems to a larger target audience. This enables consumers of the application to access these systems from outside the enterprise or on a mobile device. Intergen’s expertise ensures that web solutions can be viewed on a range of devices and screen sizes using responsive design techniques.

Legacy systems modernisation

If you have a legacy mobile, web, or desktop application which provides value to your business, we can modernise it and give it a new lease on life, improving user adoption and longevity of the application. Combining our experience leveraging modern device capabilities and the latest user experience design techniques, we’ll work with you to create an application that is intuitive and easy to use.

Cloud-based modern application development

Microsoft Azure delivers global scalability, an open and flexible platform and powerful capabilities to provide everything you need to host modern applications in the cloud. Intergen leverages Microsoft Azure as an enabler for the development of modern applications. Until recently, the IT infrastructure required to support a multi-user mobile or desktop application required provisioning of servers, databases and integration components, resulting in significant cost with regards to hardware and resourcing. Now Microsoft Azure can create these components in minutes.

The speed at which environments can be established, combined with Agile Development methodologies and continuous deployment techniques, enables modern applications to be developed faster, resulting in a return on your investment sooner. 

Packaged solutions

Modern Application Readiness Plan

Intergen can provide a Modern Application Readiness Plan which assesses your organisations current ability to embrace Modern Applications. We will outline the steps required to ensure you have the people, processes, and tools in place so you can gain maximum value from your modern applications investment.

RealMe Accelerator

The RealMe Accelerator developed by Intergen can enable your applications to integrate with the RealMe identification system quickly and easily. Implementing the RealMe Accelerator gives you the confidence users are who they claim to be, allowing customer interactions which could previously only be done in person to be undertaken within any web or modern application.

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