Public Safety and Emergency Management

A comprehensive event and emergency management capability, leveraging SharePoint technology.

What is a Public Safety and Emergency Management System (PSEM)?

Public Safety and Emergency Management (PSEM) solutions are used by the emergency services, government and the private sector to prepare for, respond to and recover from events, incidents and disasters.

These technical solutions empower responding agencies with layers of information that combine to provide them with what is known as the common operating picture.

Intergen and Emergency Management - how can we help you?

Drawing on our experience with Microsoft SharePoint, Intergen has partnered with American-based NC4, an international market leader in the creation of real-time emergency management software, in offering E.SPONDER to the Australasian market.

Already the partnership has resulted in significant engagements in New Zealand, including the implementation as the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management’s national Emergency Management solution.

In recognition of the growing effective use of social media during all phases of event and emergency management, Intergen have developed a social media monitoring toolSignal.

Signal enables public safety and emergency management agencies to better understand and incorporate social media information into the preparedness, response and recovery efforts.

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