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Volatile economic conditions have limited the number of new projects within the sector, while major infrastructure projects, under Public/Private Partnership models, demand stringent qualification criteria and performance targets of its suppliers.

Successful organisations today need the right tools to succeed in the highly competitive construction industry. To maintain profitability, the construction sector business needs to be increasingly more efficient. Managing costs, for example through supply chain automation or optimising resource utilisation, enables businesses to submit more competitive bids while still achieving profit margins.

Intergen has accumulated a wealth of experience helping New Zealand companies such as Calder Stewart, Fulton Hogan and Higgins to improve their business.

Regardless of where your business sits in the sector, from commercial and industrial to infrastructure, we can help. 

“Higgins was embarking on a significant project around our information management systems and our ERP in particular. We were seeking a partner that was proactive and supportive. One that was willing to listen to us explain our business issues but one that was also willing to express an opinion on best practice around implementation “gotchas” utilising their expertise in that space, ” said Antony Gale, Higgins, Group Chief Financial Officer. “To date Intergen have well and truly met our expectations. Their on the ground team have merged seamlessly with our own internal resources to create an effective collaborative relationship while Intergen senior management have proactively remained in touch with our senior management team to ensure that both sides of the equation are comfortable about progress, issues and the relationship.”

Helping make your business be more efficient and therefore improve your competitiveness

Improving visibility into all parts of your business can assist with better decision making and provide valuable insight for process improvements. We can help you with

  • consistency in the preparation of bids and determining job margins to be competitive
  • analysis of costs and margins throughout the project execution
  • improve planning & utilisation of your labour and plant to increase efficiency and profits
  • developing close and strategic relationships with subcontractors and key suppliers
  • accurate and timely submission of claims and collection of the cash
  • supply chain planning with automated procurement of materials
  • proactive maintenance schedules for plant and equipment to minimise failures
  • streamline processes by integrating electronic plant data
  • compliance and risk management
  • supporting your field staff to be more productive

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