Dealer, Rental and Fleet Management

Toyota New Zealand

Whether you're importing and distributing vehicles, running a dealership, managing a fleet or renting automotive or heavy equipment, we have the experience and industry leading solutions you need. You will enjoy a 360 degree view of your equipment to help you run a profitable manufacturing, import dealer or fleet rental business.

How can we help you?

  • We help automotive and equipment manufacturers to increase productivity. Effective scheduling of resources, production scheduling, controlling material usage and waste helps you provide quality products and the kind of customer service that grows your business.
  • We help importers to control vehicle orders and shipment and distribution to their dealer network. You’ll maintain excellent dealer relations through pre-delivery inspections, transfer tracking and fully integrated spare parts management – including emergency orders, ‘dirty’ returns and the automated processing of warranty claims for parts and vehicles.
  • We help vehicle and machinery dealers to manage key business processes during the vehicle or machine´s lifecycle. Typical processes include new and used sales functions (including trade-in valuations) and service and maintenance packages. We also help with aftersales service processes such as maintenance scheduling and maintenance plans, resource planning, reviewing the service history of vehicles/machines and claim handling.
  • We help rental companies create a clear overview of availability and straightforward procedures for creating orders or quotations. We also help with the rental of accessories and consumables, periodic invoicing, collection rules and delivery and return inspection processes.
  • We help fleet managers to manage all aspects of their vehicle fleet including safety testing, licensing, usage tracking, regular maintenance, and accident repairs. Periodic inspections are available with full fault resolution tracking, which allows you to offer customers enhanced aftersales service through rentals, contracts, contract packages, collections and periodic invoicing.

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