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Successful organisations today need the right tools to succeed in the highly competitive food and beverage industry.

Over time, we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience helping New Zealand companies such as Sealord, Silver Fern Farms and Giesen Wines to grow their business. Regardless of where your business sits in the supply chain, from primary industry to retail, we can help. 

The food and beverage sector is particularly vulnerable to new trends moving through the industry, such as the need for healthier foods or the immergence of the Food Act 2014. This brings a real need for flexibility.

Helping make your supply chain and operations more agile and transparent

Having good visibility into all parts of your business can assist with better decision making and provide valuable insight for process improvements. We can help you with -

  • traceability and quality management
  • compliance and risk management
  • eligibility requirements for export criteria
  • electronic trading to improve profitability
  • improving your Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMGC) cash flow by trading electronically
  • supply chain planning with automated procurement of raw materials
  • analysing and deciding on product margins
  • supporting your field staff to be more productive

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