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The primary sector is the powerhouse behind New Zealand’s economy with the success or failure of NZ Inc. often linked to the health of this sector.

Within this sector there are numerous industries that setup New Zealand as a market leading producer and thought-leader across dairy, meat and wool, forestry, horticulture, seafood, arable and other primary sector exports and foods. We’re proud to support great Kiwi businesses across:

  • Agri-business (trade/wholesale, quality management, consulting and professional support services)
  • Primary growth and production
  • Research, learning and education
  • Industry bodies

Primary sector exports total $37bn and are forecast to grow to $44bn by 2020, but business can be challenging. Particularly when commodity market prices depress margins whilst compliance expectations and costs continue to grow. With the market demanding greater insight traceability throughout the extended food supply chain, technology to support the primary producers has become ever more critical.

All of this needs to be delivered through solutions that have to take rural communications and conditions in mind.

Intergen has accumulated a wealth of experience helping New Zealand business in the Primary and Agri sectors with clients such as Silver Fern Farms, PGG Wrightson, Farmlands, Sealord and Zespri to improve their business.

Regardless of where your business sits in the sector, from primary producer and fisheries to supporting services and wholesale trade, we can help. 

Helping the primary sector be more efficient and improve your competitiveness

Improving visibility into all parts of your business can assist with better decision making and provide valuable insight for process improvements. We can help you with;

  • Enhancing productivity, automation of field service and improved customer and shareholder service through mobility and offline solutions – systems at the farm gate
  • Traceability through the extended supply chain (visibility from animal or harvest through to consumer)
  • Stakeholder and membership management solution for agri producers
  • Solutions to manage your projects, services and manufacturing / implementation of infrastructure into the Agri-sector
  • Solutions to manage and monitor legislative compliance for the sector
  • e-trade and e-commerce solutions for the unique requirements of business to producer trading
  • Retail wholesale trade solutions – creating a personalised trade account experience for your customers in the Agri Sector
  • Integrating with your on-farm systems and environmental data to give you insight into productive outputs, and analysing trends to help you improve quality and yields

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