Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a compelling and powerful data modelling and visualisation solution that can rapidly educate you about your business, your customers, and your performance.

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful cloud-based solution that transforms your data and allows you to visualize it using eye catching interactive reports and dashboards.

Power BI is your go-to for presenting everything from high-level KPIs and organisation-wide metrics and charts; to personalised views of transactional system data; to real-time streaming and telemetry; to notifications and alerts of breached thresholds and important milestones.

Using data from your organisation together with an ever-increasing set of cloud-based solutions and services, you can quickly assemble a comprehensive picture of your organisation’s landscape in unison with surrounding influences (and influencers). More than ever before you can identify, measure and even predict the impact of external factors on your business.

It also provides a rich set of data modelling and profiling tools to enable rapid assembly and understanding of data, as a basis for evaluating trends and correlations, and assessing where to best apply your efforts for further analysis and insight.

Utilising the power of the cloud, this technology allows you to share organisational discoveries and collaborate with business partners in intuitive ways. Power BI gives you the ability to have consistent analysis across your organisation on the device of your choice anywhere anytime.

At a user level Microsoft Power BI is incredibly easy to use and has an interface that is user friendly and easy to learn. The Power BI experience consists of two main parts; Dashboards and Reports.

Dashboards give you an overview of the most important part of your business and mainly consist of visuals that will link you to your Reports. Reports are similar to the dashboards but are filled with interactive visuals that are there to give you a more in depth analysis of each important aspect of your business listed on the dashboard.

With Power BI you can be confident that your organisation's data will be easy to access and your visual graphs will be very well organised and easy to navigate through and locate. No matter what device you and your partners are using you will always be in the know on the go with minimal confusion. Power BI can be updated using a variety of data sources too which makes it flexible and adaptable for your organisation as it grows and changes.

Below you will find three hands-on examples of dashboards - showing some of the wide variety of outcomes that can be achieved with Power BI. Click each image to be directed to the solution page.

Solutions showcase

Wine Shipments & Sales Analysis Solution

Wine Shipments & Sales Analysis Power BI dashboardThe Wine Shipments & Sales Analysis Solution enables executives and senior management of a wine distribution company to get insights on their shipment and wine tasting event performance, so they can make faster and more accurate decisions to improve their business processes and future sales.

Access the Wine Shipments & Sales Analysis Solution page to interact with the demo or watch the demo video.

Enterprise Performance Analytics Solution

Enterprise Performance Analytics Power BI dashboardThe Enterprise Performance Analytics Solution Dashboards enable executives to oversee financial and operational performance in comprehensive and interactive visualisations.

Access the Enterprise Performance Analytics Solution page to interact with the demo or watch the demo video.

Vehicle Rental Industry Dashboard

Vehicle Rental Industry Power BI dashboard The Vehicle Rental Industry Dashboard Solution enables rental company executives to identify opportunities so that they can optimise their resources.

Additionally, these can be used by operational staff to deliver superior customer service using real-time information.

Access the Enterprise Performance Analytics Solution page to interact with the demo or watch the demo video.

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