Our History

Intergen was established in 2001 but our history goes back to 1995 when Glazier Systems started operations.

Glazier Systems (We do Windows) was established in 1995 when it was spun out of the software development group of an international chartered accounting and consulting firm. While Glazier’s initial key focus was software development in Microsoft Access, the Dawn of the Internet was full of promise and hard to ignore, and we very quickly moved into the web development space, creating a flurry of intranets and internets (amongst other things) for private and public sector organisations alike. And we never looked back.

Starting out officially as Intergen in Wellington in 2001 with 38 staff, new businesses were acquired and regional and international offices proliferated. Around this time, we got behind .NET, deciding it was the horse to back (and fortunately it proved to be a winner). We’ve never looked back, as they say.

On 21st October 2014 Empired Ltd acquired Intergen, The acquisition created Australasia's largest Microsoft business solutions provider. Empired Ltd also comprises of eSavvy and OBS with a total of 825 staff across 15 Australasian locations and one North American office

One thing above all has remained constant over our time in operation: our unwavering commitment to Microsoft. Technology may have evolved radically over the years, but our core Microsoft foundations have not (and will not).

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