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When it comes to extending and enhancing your IT solution, we partner with the best in the business to make sure you get the most from your technology investment.

At Intergen, our partnerships are critical to the way we do business and complement the depth and breadth of what we do best. The possibilities offered by the latest technologies are vast, and technology platforms are more versatile and broad-reaching than ever.   

By connecting with a proven partner ecosystem, we team up with specialists to give you the highest quality solution out of fully leveraged technologies in every engagement. The following key partnerships have been carefully proven over time and involve a high degree of collaboration, collective experience and established trust.

Strategic Alliances

These are the most significant of Intergen’s partnerships. The relationships we hold with our strategic alliances involve multiple engagements over time and a high degree of collaboration, collective experience and established trust between all parties.

These alliances can usually be characterised by executive engagement (for example at Board level); the establishment of a formalised agreement covering aspects such as confidentiality; defined formal and informal escalations; product or service definitions and planning; service level commitments; a commitment to pro-activity; joint opportunity planning and marketing; and early technical adoption.

Intergen has strategic alliances with:


Intergen partnerships usually signify relationships where Intergen engages, as and when needed, to provide products and services from a partner as part of a specific solution. These partnerships enable us to deliver a particular best-of-breed requirement, complementing our core strengths to give you the strongest possible solution.

OnePlace Solutions


Intergen maintains affiliations with a number of organisations at a trade or industry level. These help us to foster the ongoing professional development of our staff and encourage thought leadership and learning, and to ensure that we have continued involvement and networking opportunities with our industry peers.

Marketing Association

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