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James Page

General Manager, Marketing and Alliances

In his role as General Manager, Marketing and Alliances, James is focused on ensuring that we deliver a consistent, unified and engaging brand experience across every customer engagement channel.

His Alliances focus makes sure that we work alongside Microsoft in unison, helping to ensure our customers can connect with us seamlessly at every step in their partnership with us to drive the most from their Microsoft platform investment as they transform their businesses.

Throughout his career, James has focused on enabling customer transformation, helping organisations set up large-scale programmes of work for success.

Entering the working world as an accounting graduate, James then spent 25 years in the enterprise resource planning space. He joined Intergen in 2008, leading business transformation underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics.

In recent years, James’ leadership roles with Intergen and Empired have spanned sales, alliances and marketing, with each role focused on understanding, designing and delivering the right solutions and services for our customers and the market.

James says:

“I’m driven by the opportunity to make real change that's going to impact people's lives.

I love the opportunity to help transform an organisation – whether internally or externally – playing a role in shaping an organisation’s future direction and creating stepping-stones to help make change meaningful and lasting.”

Outside of work, James is focused on an entirely different kind of transformation: helping to run New Zealand’s largest football club, Eastern Suburbs AFC based in Auckland. Here he is the chair of women’s football for Eastern Suburbs, helping to transform women’s football in New Zealand and deliver a world-class skills pathway development offering for the best young Kiwi female players.


James Page

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