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Microsoft Build 2018

One of the premiere events each year for developers is Microsoft Build, held this year in Seattle Washington. Developers get to try out new technology and features with a little networking mixed in. Each year, big tech companies bring out their very best to impress the developer community into using their products and tools, and Microsoft Build 2018 was no exception.

Microsoft Build 2018: what does it mean for developers?

This year’s focus is to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to all devices, connecting across those with Azure offerings for AI and Microsoft Graph, providing heavy computation power to developers. New tools make adding intelligence to web sites and applications easier with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code enhancements and Azure Machine Learning SDK with command line capabilities. The following are a summary of the vision laid out by Microsoft in the Build sessions and Keynote speeches.

Intelligent Edge - Intelligent Cloud

Intelligent Cloud: Developers now have access to Machine Learning via cognitive services improvements in the trained AI models, which can be easily customised for specific business purposes. Event Grid improves Serverless computing by adding triggers to services like blob storage. Micro-billing allows developers to create intelligent cloud architecture that is more affordable and out-performs past offerings. Onnx Machine Learning models allow ML model portability, and add to the cognitive tool set for developers and data scientists.

Intelligent Edge: Windows 10 updates now allow developers to test these machine learning models on their development machines. Additional devices have added capabilities and developers can build solutions around these devices per customer need. For example, drones can now fly over an object and look for defects using a pre-built Microsoft service and some custom model training using Intelligent Edge on the drone, thus saving cloud compute time for reporting errors instead of streaming telemetry to the cloud for analysis.

Combining these new features is the theme that ran throughout this year’s build event, as is micro-billing, all to make it easier and affordable to add intelligence to applications wherever the application runs. Additional tools for data scientists make Azure the Intelligent Cloud a productive ecosystem for AI workflows for companies of all sizes.

Find sessions to view and learn more at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/build

Posted by: Andrew Conniff, Developer | 21 May 2018

Tags: Development, Microsoft Build

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