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Silverlight adoption

Last Wednesday I had the chance to present to the first meeting of the newly-formed Silverlight User Group. The topic was Silverlight and Accessibility and how to write Silverlight applications within the boundaries of the New Zealand Government Web Standards. Great to see an increasing interest in Silverlight and I’m looking forward to coming along to some more sessions over the next few months.

One of the interesting things we discussed was the extent to which Silverlight had (or rather had not) already entered the market.

So, why aren’t more people using it and what is preventing it becoming the platform of choice? Silverlight is certainly moving in the right direction to become a serious contender for delivering a rich, web-based experience for users that will rival traditional web applications. But it still has a way to go.

As a developer Silverlight is an incredibly powerful platform to build internet applications, and one that we’re very excited about. And as an end-user it has all the cool factor you could want.

For my full discussion on Silverlight adoption, you can read my blog here.

I can’t wait to see greater adoption – bring it on!

Posted by: Andrew Tokeley | 03 July 2009

Tags: Silverlight, Accessibility

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