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How happy employees make for a happy business

The link between happy and engaged employees to business performance is not a secret. And switched on company executives have been taking advantage of this for decades.

Imagine how different your business would look if you were getting the best performance from your employees, day to day, month to month, and year to year.

While there are various ways to improve employee engagement, only one approach delivers a sure-fire way to identify your best performers, understand the reasons behind underperformance, and determine what resources and coaching to offer so you can keep them motivated and skilled: deep, accurate analytics.

Using the unparalleled analytics functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent can help you attract and retain the best talent, avoid the high costs of staff turnover, and elevate the best-qualified people to leadership roles to position your business for success.

No more HR system silos

HR professionals have long struggled with siloed information. It takes too long and too much effort to extract and correlate data from these silos to get anything like the insights you need to take action. The best you can hope for is accurate operational reporting.

For businesses to compete effectively, you need to achieve real-time analysis that offers accurate insights that can lead to transformative actions. Managing your workforce dynamically depends on it.

Rich, deep analytics capabilities

To analyse data effectively, you need a single source of truth contained in one repository. A core system that contains every piece of information about an employee from the first moment of the recruitment process to today.

When you apply rich, deep analytics capabilities to this unified information, you can start to unlock the serious potential in your workforce.

Most systems offer morsels of information but don’t give you the whole picture. Dynamics 365 for Talent lets you see all the information you need in the right context so you can use it to make smarter decisions.

There are four key areas that can be dramatically improved with the powerful analytics capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Talent:

1. Training and development

Understanding what training and development courses people have completed, along with their feedback about the course, instructor, venue, etc., can help you fine-tune the learning and development process. This can lead to offering new or different courses, changing instructors, and offering alternative learning options to suit the individual, such as desk-based learning they can complete in their own time.

2. Career progression pathways

An employee may have spent most of their career in a certain direction despite their interests lying elsewhere. Companies can collect information from employees about their preferences and ambitions, then use this to create career progression pathways that excite and motivate the employee as well as make the best use of the employee’s skills. This way, you can invest directly in the elements that will deliver the most value to your company and to the individual.

Using data, you can identify the employees most likely to succeed in leadership roles, then begin mentoring and training them sooner to prepare and position them for promotions.

3. Mentorships

Data analytics can reveal potential mentor relationships in the company that would benefit both parties. Companies that offer mentoring often report higher levels of employee engagement and better performance outcomes. Formalising this process and matching well-suited people to each other can maximise the value of a mentorship program.

4. Performance coaching

When employees aren’t performing to expectations, it can be hard for managers to address the underlying issues, especially if they don’t know what those issues are. Using data analytics can help reveal the reasons behind underperformance and can also help managers identify the best ways to coach that employee to improve their performance. This can help prevent turnover and, with the right coaching, many average employees can turn out to be star performers. Raising the performance of individuals helps improve your company’s competitiveness overall.

How Dynamics 365 for Talent can help

Dynamics 365 for Talent was developed specifically to help HR and people managers do their jobs more effectively and easily. It streamlines many of the processes involved in managing people and performance, and its powerful analytics capabilities deliver unprecedented visibility into performance drivers and issues.

Analytics can play a crucial role in unlocking the potential of your workforce. It can answer all kinds of questions around how to make people more productive and effective, what training and development opportunities are suited to which people, and how to develop career paths to retain the best-performing people.

Dynamics 365 for Talent leverages Power BI to deliver the most comprehensive, deep, rich analytics capabilities of any HR solution in the market.


Find out how to get the very best from – and give the very best to – your people with Dynamics 365 for Talent. Download our free independent report on Dynamics 365 for Talent today.



This blog is part of the #cxreimagine series. For more experts' insights, clients' experiences and to download the whitepaper, click the banner.

For more experts' insights, clients' experience and to download the whitepaper, click the banner #cxreimagine

Posted by: Angelo Jebamony, Solution Specialist, Dynamics AX | 19 April 2018

Tags: customer experience, HRIS, Talent, #CXreimagine

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