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Highlights and key themes from the 2016 Business Intelligence Summit

One of the highlights for Intergen’s Data Analytics team every year is the annual Business Intelligence Summit, and this year was no exception.

Highlights and key themes from the 2016 Business Intelligence Summit

Business Intelligence has become an increasing focus and topic of conversation for New Zealand organisations, particularly with data driven decision-making set to become the norm – rather than the exception – for organisations in the very near future (with experts forecasting double-digit growth in BI investment by 2018).

With this in mind, it’s always interesting to see how conversations change and mature from year to year, and bring together and hear the latest thoughts from industry leaders, experts and practitioners. It’s also particularly valuable to network with a group of people who are actively embracing their organisational data as an asset and looking to the future, and emerging technologies, to see what competitive advantage they can gain by knowing – and using – their data better.

The focus of this year’s Summit was on how to implement BI strategies and tools to gain greater insights, increase organisational ROI, improve decision-making abilities and deliver added value to the customer.

For us the greatest highlight of the Summit was seeing our client, Tristin King from JUCY Rentals, talk about JUCY’s Business Intelligence journey, one year in. Tristin spoke candidly about JUCY’s BI vision, lessons learned and the benefits they have realised so far.

We first started working with JUCY at last year’s Summit, and it’s fantastic to see what can be achieved in the space of a year. As Tristin says, JUCY is just at the beginning of its Business Intelligence journey, and there’s plenty yet to be done and achieved – but it’s great to see some real benefits – from quick wins to better (and faster) understanding of its various business drivers – being achieved already.

One of Tristin’s key messages to the crowd was that, while ROI is of course extremely important, when implementing a BI solution it’s important to not just look at the immediate return on investment, but to also take into account the company culture and customer promise, and to make sure the BI solution aligns with and supports the long-term company strategy.

Another key theme from the conference was a focus on what’s on the horizon, from a technology perspective – and great to see discussions happening around new emerging technologies such as Data Lake and Data Warehouse software as a service and how these are starting to make a positive impact and lower the cost to entry for business intelligence solutions. Big data can seem scary as a concept, but it’s great to see that Business Intelligence solutions don’t need to take the Big Bang approach, that implementations don’t need to be drawn-out and prohibitively expensive. Seeing more and more organisations getting fast results from solutions like Azure Machine Learning and Power BI is testament to this.

Every year, we come away from the BI Summit enthused by the conversations and excited by the number of organisations really rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck into their organisation’s data.

If you didn’t make along to this year’s Summit, or if you still have questions about what’s new with BI solutions – from Azure Machine Learning to Azure Data Lake – we’d love to chat with you

Posted by: Anna Tarasoff, Data Insights Manager, Data Insights | 25 February 2016

Tags: Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, BI, BI implementation advice, big data equation, big data investment

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