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Smart Seeds 2018 – How I got to ride in a self driving car, and make friends and stuff

Smart Seeds is a 11 week global innovation program for young talent focused on complex infrastructure challenges. There are five challenges that focus on five key problems in our city, “Christchurch: Your Opportunity”, “Wai Care?”, “An Alternative Route”, “Working Towards Our Future” and “Embracing a New Transport Paradigm”. Each team has to come up with a creative concept and pitch it to industry leaders and key stakeholders. ... read full post

Posted by:  April Hickson , Junior Developer |  07 June 2018

innovation, social responsibility, Smart Seeds

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Everything is going to the cloud

Everything is going to the cloud! As the processing power of computers, internet bandwidth and connection reliability improves, the quantity and availability of cloud-based applications grows each year. ( Forbes, 2017 ) ... read full post

Posted by:  April Hickson , Junior Developer |  27 November 2017

Cloud, Cloud Computing, Cloud Platform

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