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The changing face of the New Zealand SharePoint Conference

Having attended a number of conferences over the years I’m proud to say that the New Zealand SharePoint Conference continues to live up to its reputation as a world class event.

Now in its fifth year, and part of a regional programme of SharePoint-dedicated conferences, the New Zealand SharePoint Conference has once again made its mark on the local events schedule.

Two days in duration, the event was kicked off by a keynote by several Microsoft speakers, including John Hormaechea, who made his way to Auckland from Redmond. Unsurprisingly, the keynote focused on SharePoint, but also looked at Yammer, Lync and Office 365. Microsoft is investing heavily in the social enterprise and SharePoint is a key part of that plan, complemented by Yammer which can provide enterprise microblogging capabilities which, optionally, can replace SharePoint’s traditional news feed.

Much of this year’s conference was focused on what can be achieved with SharePoint 2013 (and Office 365) through out of the box configuration or by extending SharePoint using custom code. Extending SharePoint 2013 no longer appears to be the domain of hard core developers, with many configuration options allowing (informed and permitted) users to determine how SharePoint looks and works. (There remain a vast range of opportunities to customise SharePoint, however, including building apps for SharePoint 2013 that can be made available through an “app store,” similar to those available through Windows 8 or the myriad smartphone makers). 

Enhancements have been introduced to SharePoint 2013 to allow “power users” to inject their own HTML, JavaScript, etc. or leverage the client-side object model (CSOM) to tailor the solution to their business needs.

Once again, there were many familiar faces at this year’s conference, both among the attendees and presenters (international and local), including three presenters from Intergen: Bryce Saunders, Gavin Barron and Nick Hadlee (who also helped with the organisation of the event). It was a great opportunity to catch up with others that share a common interest in SharePoint and gain insights into opportunities to extend and enhance existing SharePoint skills.

A big thank you to the conference organisers and we look forward to the sixth NZ SharePoint Conference next year.


SharePoint Conference

Intergen’s Bryce Saunders talks to a packed room about all the things you can do with SharePoint Enterprise Search.


Posted by: Bernardine Slagter, Developer Consultant | 18 April 2013

Tags: SharePoint, SharePoint Conference, Microsoft, Office 365, Yammer, SharePoint 2013, HTML, JavaScript., Lync, New Zealand SharePoint Conference

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