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Innovation starts at home

An easy trap for any IT company to fall into is to create innovative solutions for their clients but forget to look for innovation within their internal systems and processes.

The tooling that any support company uses to support their clients can be the catalyst to make or break relationships. It can directly affect the perceived difference between lustreless and effective service, and can waste time and money if not efficient.

With this in mind, we have been hard at work behind the scenes, creating a flexible solution to enable us to provide effective and groundbreaking client support. This solution encompasses everything from a robust set of service levels to structural changes to effective tooling.

The Intergen Service Centre is committed to keeping our customers updated with progress on their logged cases. This is a rare concept in an industry that focuses mainly on response and resolution Service Levels. Finding a solution that was able to manage an ever-changing progress update target was not an easy task.

After a thorough selection process we decided to implement Neocase Customer Service. This case management tool plugs in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create a one-stop-shop for customer relationship and case management. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, this was a big factor in our decision.

We set about moulding the Neocase Customer Service application to our every whim, stretching its functionality to the limits to meet our requirements.

Here are a few points on how Neocase has changed how we approach our work:

  • Notifications: We have absolute certainty the right notifications are going to the right people at the right times. This maximises our ability to meet contracted Service Levels and keep everyone informed.
  • Status Dashboard: As a backup, the Intergen Service Centre can use the Neocase Dashboard to view any or all of the cases in the system and follow up any upcoming SLA deadlines.
  • Email Management: We no longer have the need to use Outlook to manage emails. They can be managed directly from Neocase and assigned to the correct resource quickly and efficiently, automatically managing attachments.
  • Quick Tips: We use pop-up windows that provide us with client and case logging information to ensure we are gathering the correct information on the first contact. Understanding our clients’ business is an increasing – and critical – point of focus for us.
  • Reporting: Powerful internal reporting enables us to determine any gaps or weaknesses in our services and act quickly to resolve.  Reporting of compliance against service levels is now at the touch of a button.
  • Authorisation: If a client has a restricted user list for logging cases against a contract, we can manage this for them. If they’re not on the list the application won’t let us create a case without going through the proper channels.

Our next (and exciting) step is to implement the Neocase Self Service module. This will allow our clients to log and follow up on support cases with us via an online portal.

All in all, we are comfortable that our new tooling fits our goals and can grow with us as we strive to exceed in our service.

We are always on the lookout for new technologies that can bring us closer to our customers and keep things simple yet effective. If you have any suggestions... get in touch!

Posted by: Brent Wimmers, Service Desk Manager | 01 July 2009

Tags: Neocase, Service Centre

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