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Contemplating Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2011 (and the keynote demo built by Intergen)

So here I am in Atlanta, at this year’s Microsoft Convergence Conference. Not only am I getting to enjoy some warmer weather, but I’m also fully immersed in the world of Microsoft Dynamics – a total sensory experience!

Before everything becomes a blur and I find myself on a plane back to New Zealand, I thought I’d pause and jot down some thoughts on Convergence so far.

First things first. From an Intergen perspective, the biggest coup of the whole conference is the fact that we built the keynote demo for Microsoft, presented by Steve Ballmer and Kirill Tatarinov, head of Dynamics. The keynote went off like a dream and kick-started a day filled with insights and strategies, new technologies and new directions. I must say I was one proud little kiwi, sitting on the other side of the world watching a keynote that we’d built, in amongst an international crowd in the thousands. It doesn’t get much better than that, as far as I’m concerned, and I’ll be stashing this away in my ‘brag file’ and using it for many years to come!

CRM 2011, AX 2011, NAV 2009 R2 – you name it, the keynote had it all. Kirill demoed it very well and for me the highlight of the session was seeing the ease with which you can re define and drag and drop business process in AX 2012 with a graphic interface. Plus it was the first time that we saw the consumer products like Kinnect starting to be used in business software.

Kirill Tatarinov

Steve Ballmer focused on the ease of use of Outlook with CRM, AX and BI. The power and the potential of these elements when used together is really quite staggering. It truly is – or can be – one product.

Steve Ballmer

The keynote showed manufacturing workers using AX on the shop floor, using hand and eye signals to manage the production line using the XBox Kinnect technology. That was pretty cool and in my crystal ball I can see the demise of the mouse in the not-too-distant future.

The CRM 2011 focus was all about dashboarding and reports, and what a powerful tool it is starting to become for sales force automation, marketing and customer care. They also showcased a project named Crescent, which is all about BI and SQL. It was all about empowering the senior managers to create their own reports and custom KPIs plus drill downs – our CEO and CFO, Tony and Murray, would love this!

And to top it all off, ERP online was launched, so we now officially have AX, CRM and NAV in the cloud. This seemed to really get the customers off their seats!

So all in all, what we saw was an end-to-end true enterprise software to rival SAP and the likes…From CRM to AX to BI, the complete package is right here, available now, delivered on premise or in the cloud. The options, and the opportunities, are endless!



Posted by: Bruce Smith , Enterprise Sales Manager | 14 April 2011

Tags: Microsoft

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