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Breaking down the Chinese Walls: Intergen + SharePoint 2010, better together

At Intergen we pride ourselves on working with technology VERY early in the product lifecycle. Most of the time this is under NDA and, as such we can't share it with our customers. In some cases we actually need to implement Chinese Walls, such that we restrict knowledge of certain projects even amongst our staff. This sort of approach is quite prevalent among other professional services businesses, such as legal and accountancy firms, but it's a rarer occurrence in the IT business.

Because a lot of what I focus on at Intergen is early adopter work alongside Microsoft, I tend to work inside a pretty heavily fortified Chinese castle! Well, today I can finally take a bulldozer to some of those walls.

Intergen has been working extensively with SharePoint 2010 over the past nine months. We've worked extensively with Microsoft, helping them put together collateral for events such as the SharePoint Conference.

Today, attendees at the SharePoint Conference will be able to undertake Hands on Labs that cover the breadth of the SharePoint 2010 Developer experience.

On Thursday I will be unveiling a new tool, for which Clive Vermeulen of Intergen has lead the development. This Microsoft supported tool will allow developers to easily upgrade their Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services (VSeWSS) projects to the new Visual Studio 2010 file structure. This tool will significantly improve the experience for the hundreds of thousands of developers around the world using VSeWSS. Intergen has played a key role in the evolution of the VSeWSS tooling (we built v1.3 of this tool) and we're very proud to be able provide the migration experience as well. If you are attending the SharePoint Conference please head along to my session at 12pm on Thursday in South Seas Room B where I'll be showing this tool publicly for the first time.

While we've necessarily kept the teams on these various projects small and secretive, this work has involved staff from across the Intergen network of offices – I want to call out the amazing effort and often long hours put in by our SharePoint 2010 project team members over the past nine months. With SharePoint 2010 now officially announced we'd love to talk about it with our customers. Please get in touch with one of the Intergen Business Development team or contact me (chris.auld@intergen.co.nz) or Portals, Content and Collaboration Practice Principal Mark Orange (mark.orange@intergen.co.nz)

We've still got a few 'secret projects' going on at Intergen, so keep your eyes peeled on our blog for more details over the next couple of months. 

Posted by: Chris Auld, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director | 20 October 2009

Tags: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Conference

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