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Cure Kids Great Adventure Race

Over the past couple of months, it has been all systems go for our New Zealand offices as we gear up to compete in the Cure Kids Great Adventure Race on the 20th April 2012.  

Cure Kids Great Adventure Race


Cure Kids is a fantastic charity that has been established for over 35 years to provide funding for much needed medical research into life-threatening diseases that can affect our children. Over the years this research has saved many young lives and improved the quality of life for thousands of children:

  • Their Mission: To improve the health of children through research and its outcomes.
  • Their Vision: To be a credible international charity that supports research into childhood illnesses.

The research that Cure Kids funds is both innovative and technology focused, which are themes that are near and dear to our hearts. And, of course, we’ll take any old excuse to get dressed up in YELLOW and run around in terrain!

This is the first year Intergen will be competing in the Great Adventure Race. Because we love a challenge, we are entering three teams, one from each of our New Zealand regions: Northern, Central and Southern. The event is a multi-discipline race, where teams of four are required to navigate, run / trek, bike and traverse waterways in a demanding course - the location of which is revealed the day before the race. Not for the faint hearted. Our teams will compete against a large number of businesses. Being the competitive beings we are, our aim is to beat the other IT companies entered to take out the illustrious Microsoft IT Cup.

Our athletes have been busy training and developing the fitness and much needed navigation skills required to complete the course. They are pumped and enthusiastic to be part of a challenging and life changing event. Please see below for their updates. 

In each of our New Zealand regions we have been fundraising for a grand total of $30K plus to enter our teams in the race.  We have held a number of fantastic events so far with more to come.  If you would like to get involved, you can do this in a number of ways:

We have had an amazing sponsorship response from friends, family and our partners to date and we would like to personally thank everyone who has helped us raise money so far.

Team updates


Training, Training, Training

We went from a phase of “…what did we sign up for?” through to “OK, we need TRAINING!” to a current state of “how can we get better?”

Our Training Schedule

Our team is very busy with individual trainings, everyone is running, hiking and cycling whenever and wherever possible. We are having regular training sessions together. These include short lunchtime runs, the odd cycling tour and orienteering sessions in the eastern hills. Our other aim is to complete as many 6-8 hour sessions through some of Wellington’s scenic reserves, to keep us on our toes and get us ready for the big day!


This is an adventure race that anyone can do, an ‘entry level’ corporate adventure race. After the Cure Kids training advice, we knew we had work to do!

Some Handy Tips

There were lots of handy tips from the Cure Kids training advice session. The key message was we could expect the race to entail a three hour run / trek, two hour mountain bike and two hour run / trek. And oh yes, water crossings! 

Accepting the Challenge

On Saturday the 11th of February, our team assembled at a YMCA camp at the base of the Hunua Ranges for our first training day. For the majority of the competitors in the room, the Cure Kids Adventure Race will be their first ever adventure race. Our only consolation is that we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to challenge ourselves in this way – many of the patients Cure Kids raise research money for (and the whanau who support them) don’t have the option of undertaking a challenge like an Adventure Race.



We have a team of six committed to a gruelling training schedule.

Our Dunedin duo (Hamish Dobson and Bryce Saunders) were last seen running up a mountain with packs on their back. Megan Craw has been navigating her way around the Port Hills. Nicola Valentine is fresh from a half ironman event in Wanaka. Teresa Wooding is back from a bar to bar training exercise in South America and Mike ‘the Bike’ Hamilton is sticking to large miles on his bike until he can trust his legs more!

The Southern Teams commitment is that they will have four fit and functioning flying machines on the day!! A force to be reckoned with!

Posted by: Chris Auld, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director | 14 March 2012

Tags: Charity

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