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Look, Mum – no code: Microsoft announces Project Siena

In December, Microsoft announced Project Siena, a “Windows 8 app for building Windows 8 apps.”

The significant thing about Siena is that it offers a way for business experts, business analysts, consultants and other “app imagineers” to build Windows 8 apps for the enterprise, no code required.  This means that no longer is mobile app design limited to the developers amongst us: Project Siena effectively removes any barrier to entry. And when you consider the proliferation of mobile devices and our ever-increasing dependence on them, this is a pretty powerful proposition.

Needless to say, with the announcement of Project Siena late last year, the team at Intergen got excited – for several reasons. Firstly, I’m sure that Siena will be a hugely important tool for us in helping our customers, new and existing, to build great apps at a reasonable cost.

Project Siena shows us that mobile app development doesn’t necessarily need to be complex, expensive and time-consuming. Here’s a chance for us to help organisations develop enterprise mobile apps that complement or augment their core business – either by aiding productivity within their organisations or in helping them to better connect with their customers, on any device, wherever their customers may be. 

Secondly, it’s customary for Intergen’s more technical folk to roll up their sleeves in anticipation whenever new technology comes to town. We’re used to getting involved with the very latest innovations from Microsoft, often well in advance of these innovations being made publicly available, and we relish the opportunity to dive in head-first.

With Project Siena, for once this excitement wasn’t confined to those with code know-how: in theory, any Intergenite could try their hand at designing an app. And with this in mind we devised the Intergen Under the Tuscan Sun competition: a challenge to all Intergenites – from the geek to the technical layperson – to design a Windows app.

The competition closes in late January and I look forward to sharing some of our winners’ creations with you once the judges’ votes have been cast. I have it on good authority that there are a number of interesting creations under development… Stay tuned! 

Posted by: Chris Auld, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director | 14 January 2014

Tags: Mobile applications, Developers, Modern User Interface, mobility, design

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