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Two new Microsoft Azure cloud service previews: DocumentDB and Search

Microsoft recently announced two new Azure cloud services for preview: Azure DocumentDB and Azure Search. Intergen has been doing a lot of work with these services in recent months. We’ve been really impressed by the experience and we’re excited about being able to achieve quicker time to value using these tools.  

Azure DocumentDB

Microsoft Azure DocumentDBAzure DocumentDB is a fully managed, highly-scalable, NoSQL document database service, built in response to demand for a fully managed database that can provide query and transactional capabilities at scale.

The service natively supports JSON and JavaScript directly inside the database engine and enables rapid application development, easy integration with web platforms and tools and reliable and configurable performance.

DocumentDB is designed for solutions where predictable throughput, low latency and flexible query options are key. 

Azure Search

Microsoft Azure SearchAzure Search offers search-as-a-service for web and mobile app development, allowing developers to incorporate full-text search into their applications, whether new or existing, from any platform or development environment.  

It reduces the complexity of setting up and managing your own search index and makes it easy to quickly add powerful and sophisticated search capabilities to your website or application.

At Microsoft TechEd New Zealand 2014

Fellow Intergenite David Shorter and I will be presenting a session on DocumentDB and Search at this year’s TechEd New Zealand – with the big announcement we`ve just been able to un-censor the session title. 

I will also be talking about DocumentDB at Microsoft’s global Windows Azure Windows Azure Conference, an online event in late September.

If you`d like to talk about how DocumentDB and Search might help you ship value to your users more quickly then contact us.

For more information on the services:

Posted by: Chris Auld, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director | 27 August 2014

Tags: Search, Azure, Cloud Computing

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