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WPF and Silverlight: not just eye candy

In my earlier days of programming when learning the C language, I came across the following quote, which captures the appeal of software development for me: "Look at your computer screen. Imagine something happening there. Anything. As long as you know how to program a computer, what you imagine will take place." - Dan Gookin ... read full post

Posted by:  Daniel McGaughran , Developer |  06 April 2010

Silverlight, WPF, Software Development

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Teamwork and dragon boating: another perspective

One of the great things about Intergen is the life outside the day-to-day rhythm of meetings and project work, such as the sporting activities on offer. Admittedly, I have never had an active, long-term interest in sports, however this year I thought I'd try something new and join Intergen's dragon boat team – a.k.a. the Yellow Raptors. ... read full post

Posted by:  Daniel McGaughran , Developer |  03 March 2009

Dragon Boating, Teamwork

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Building software with smarts

Two of the things I enjoy most about software development are problem-solving and adding value. The problem-solving aspect gives me the mental stimulation that I enjoy, as well as the buzz of being innovative. However, the notion of creating value is what makes it worthwhile. But what exactly does it mean to create value, and how can this value be increased? I’m not talking about simply making the software fulfil a set of requirements or functional specifications for a target customer, I’m talking about those non-functional aspects that can determine whether the software is helpful and a joy to use, or some obstacle that becomes a burden that one is obliged to use (because there are aspects that are depended on). ... read full post

Posted by:  Daniel McGaughran , Developer |  16 September 2008

Software Development

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