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Assessing your Cloud Readiness

Today it is dangerously easy for people in your organisation to make use of cloud technology. As soon as someone installs Dropbox on their corporate device, your data is potentially stored in the cloud.

Assessing your Cloud Readiness

In the same way, your developers can easily fire up an Azure subscription and start building test services. It is very common for an organisation to have multiple Azure subscriptions up and running before any kind of cloud computing policy or guidelines have been established. This leads to multiple subscriptions (and bills!), multiple user directories, inconsistent levels of security, duplication of licence expenses and a big administration headache – not to mention the proliferation of your data. 

While this ease of utilisation is arguably a huge advantage of the platform, it is essential to establish a solid foundation in the cloud before placing any business systems in there. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of organisations struggle with this first fundamental step.

Recent IDC Research indicates that 85% of organisations in Asia/Pacific are still in the early stages of cloud maturity, consequently failing to reach the stage where their cloud offerings are managed, optimised or repeatable.

Microsoft Azure can offer impressive interconnecting capabilities, which as well as enabling a seamless user experience, can enrich and simplify your organisations entire technology stack if done correctly.

While taking the first steps into cloud utilisation, you need to ensure the actions you are taking are setting you up for a flexible and extensible solution and not creating future headaches for yourself.

Intergen is vastly experienced with getting our customers up and running on cloud services. This experience has enabled us to create our Cloud Readiness Assessment offering, which is an intensive discovery and design process and includes:

  • Assessing your current on premises landscape
  • Assessing existing cloud utilisation patterns
  • Creating a roadmap for your future cloud consumption
  • Insights into your readiness for cloud

It is possible that the assessment will just confirm that you’re doing it right, perhaps providing a few pointers to smooth the journey. It is also possible that you’ve got some serious internal system remediation work to do. Either way we can provide guidance on how to overcome those difficulties (or even to sidestep heritage systems altogether and utilise a cloud service in their stead).

The Microsoft cloud has evolved a lot over the last few years, to the point where it is very desirable for many businesses to completely abandon their physical servers and bulky domains and exclusively utilise cloud offerings. 

Based on this shift, Microsoft has introduced its Microsoft 365 (M365) licensing construct to pull together the key components for providing a secure productive environment for your end users to operate in. The stack of services included in M365 are flexible, interconnected and resilient by design.

By setting up solid cloud foundations, your organisation is preparing itself to establish a powerful borderless modern workplace which enables your users to securely access your business solutions whenever and wherever they need to.

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What’s stopping you taking the first step on the ladder to find out how it looks up there? You don’t need to climb the entire ladder to get a different view. Taking the first step in the cloud is the investment for your future. To find out more, talk to us.

This is part of the Cloud Readiness series, discussing how cloud computing is transforming the way that organisations deliver business solutions to their workforce

Posted by: Daryl Green, Cloud Solutions Consultant | 20 August 2018

Tags: Cloud, Cloud Readiness

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