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Celebrating the launch of Cohesion, Intergen’s Enterprise Content Management Service

Last night at Wharewaka in Wellington Intergen officially launched Cohesion, our enterprise content management service available to New Zealand government agencies. 

The launch followed on from the Department of Internal Affairs’ announcement on November 22 that Intergen has been named to the Common Capability ECMS panel, an ‘as a service’ initiative providing enterprise content management services (ECMS) to government agencies. Cohesion is Intergen’s Microsoft-based service available to agencies as part of this panel.

The event was a momentous one for us – the culmination of a great deal of time and effort spent designing and creating a standardised, template-based service for the public sector that we believe will be transformative – both in the way the service is consumed, and in its user-centric approach to enterprise content management.

It was great to see such a great turnout, and to receive such a positive response to Cohesion. Now that the covers are officially off, we’re really excited about the opportunity to be able to walk through Cohesion with agencies who would like to see a full demonstration of the service. If you’d like more information about Cohesion, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact me.

A big thank you to everyone who made it along last night, and to everyone who has supported and been a part of Cohesion thus far. We now look forward to the next exciting step in the journey – delivering the service to government agencies to help, in the words of Government Chief Information Officer, Colin MacDonald, “improve the ability to agencies to create, store, share, protect and manage their digital information”.

Cohesion launch, Wharewaka, Wellington

Cohesion launch, Wharewaka, Wellington. Launched by Intergen’s Chief Technology Officer, Chris Auld (top left), and Microsoft New Zealand Public Sector Director, Jeff Healey (top right). Intergenites and guests celebrate the launch. 

Posted by: Declan Ryan, Business Development Manager | 04 December 2013

Tags: Enterprise Content Management, Cohesion

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