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Why upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013?

Microsoft has described Dynamics NAV 2013 as the best release yet and I have to admit that the functionality and the stability definitely make it a great release. In my last blog I talked about the next release of Dynamics NAV (NAV 2013 R2) which will offer a lot of functionality around cloud offerings but there are some great reasons to upgrade right now.

This useful tool from Microsoft allows users to compare functionality between prior versions and 2013 and see what you’re missing out on.


Here’s my top 10

  1. Old web licences upgraded to full licences. This one is a beauty. We have some customers who bought lots of light user licences on older version of NAV, to do things like purchase approvals or timesheets via a third party solution which integrates with Dynamics NAV. These licences now get upgraded to full NAV licences. Originally costing a couple of hundred dollars, these licences are now worth 10 times that! 
  2. SharePoint Framework. This is an untapped goldmine for any clients who already have SharePoint or are heading down the SharePoint path. Think budgeting, purchase approvals, timesheets in your very own SharePoint portal.
  3. Limited users. Clients can introduce light users into NAV for under a thousand dollars per concurrent user. For some processes we can get away with a ratio of 7 users to a single license that’s around $100 per user for some of the processes like timesheets, purchase approvals, budgeting etc.
  4. Integration capabilities. With versions from 2009 onwards, web services can be used for integration rather than old file type integration points.
  5. Move from on premise to cloud. For organisations looking at a hardware, database and OS refresh, you can bring your licence and database to Intergen’s hosted NAV solution and move to an OPEX cost.
  6. Jet Reports. Dynamics NAV has often struggled with reporting but Jet Reports offers a free way to report from your NAV system via Excel.
  7. Cashflow forecast. The cashflow forecasting tool is something that users have been looking for and with the ability to chart the cashflow on your role centre, you can now have visual representation of your company’s cashflow projection.
  8. Timesheets. Timesheets with approvals is now standard and free in NAV 2013.
  9. Licence upgrade extras. When you upgrade to NAV 2013 you get some extras from Microsoft. Because there are only a couple of licence packs they can have on 2013 whichever pack they qualify for they get all of the functionality in it. For information on the different licence packs see here. Therefore, if you are using an older version and want to add some extra functionality, it’s possible that you can get some of the specific granules you need for free when you upgrade.
  10. Performance improvements. Posting of transactions can now be queued to run in the background, which reduces the load during heavy data entry. Additionally, the Dimensions structure has also changed which helps to improve posting speeds. Both of these have led to some significant performance improvements in testing. Check out Vjeko’s blog for some performance information. 

If you’d like to talk to me about upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 please contact me: derek.lamb@intergen.co.nz.


Posted by: Derek Lamb, Solution Specialist, Dynamics Solutions | 14 August 2013

Tags: NAV, Microsoft, Intergen, NAV 2013

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