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I Heart Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What have I become?? Decidedly non-geeky as I am, I have surprised myself recently by hearing the words “I think CRM is great; I would like to learn how to configure it myself...” leave my mouth.

I Heart CRM

As a project manager for Intergen Dunedin, I have had the pleasure of being involved in several Microsoft CRM implementations in the past year or so.  Some have been complex, while others have been simpler in what the client requires from the system.  While working with the CRM consultants, I have learned that CRM would have made my life easier in so many ways, if only I had known about it in previous positions working for other companies.

I have watched in amazement as we work through requirements before lunch, only to come back from lunch to find the consultant has made the changes over the break, so now we have a working demo with fields as specified! That is why I Heart CRM – it is a fantastic base for businesses to build upon, edit fields, add functionality, hide redundant fields, create workflows...I think it could even do my laundry if I could only work out a way for it to talk with my washing machine! Hmm....

From a business improvement point of view, the increase in productivity I have seen from clients implementing the system to their particular requirements has been nothing short of amazing. I am sure the bosses ask themselves “What have we been doing all of these years?” as profit increases, as sales increase, as marketing lines are identified, as client relationships are managed like clockwork. Even to the point that salespeople can plan a call route on a map, outlining the best and most effective use of their travel time. There is now even an iPhone application that can link to your CRM server while you are on the road. Nice work!

So if anyone is looking at how to manage their business, workflows, and client relationships more effectively, with minimal geek-time, you just can’t go past Microsoft CRM.  If I can do it, you can do it...

The Closet Girl Geek...

Posted by: Diana Hennessy, Project Manager | 29 January 2010

Tags: CRM, Dynamics, Dynamics CRM

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