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Intergen to launch Project Management Office

This week we are launching a new and improved Project Management framework as the first major step towards the establishment of our Project Management Office.

Intergen has experienced fast growth over the last few years; we are now engaging in developing more solutions than ever and the size and complexity of the projects continues to grow, bringing with it an increased demand for more professionalism and consistency across our project governance approach. We have recognised for a while now that we need to lift our game around the way we engage with customers and manage our projects. We have historically relied on the individual ability and experience of our project managers and project teams to ensure project success. We have a lot of great people, so this has worked reasonably well, but it could make the job a lot easier with more support and guidance for project teams across all projects.

We have engaged PIPC to help develop our PMO, which will support the growing demand on our PMs and project teams. Our PMO will provide a governance framework and training and act as an escalation point to provide support for the resolution of issues and management of risks. The PMO will be ultimately responsible for the full portfolio of our projects; this includes ensuring efficient resource allocation as well as managing cross project dependencies, issues and risks. Initially, the PMO will roll-out in Wellington, and be focused on the Wellington project portfolio. Over time this will extend to include Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.

During the development of the framework we have been careful to only include process where it will deliver value. We don’t want to over-complicate our projects or add unnecessary overhead. We are looking for a balance, where we can continue to enable creativity and innovation while ensuring that just enough governance is applied to ensure projects are successful, with good communication and a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Feedback around Intergen so far has been positive. The most common question is whether the introduction of the PMO will support our agile development approach – of course it will! We have based our PM framework on PMBOK and PRINCE2, and it is flexible enough to support projects of all sizes and complexities, and any solution delivery approach. If the project team decides that an agile approach is the best way to deliver the solution, then the PM framework supports that, and ensures the right level of governance is applied to make the project a success. This will typically be focused on making sure all team members, including Intergen and the client, fully understand the expectations of them, enforcing open and regular communication, identifying and managing risks and issues, and ensuring that we actively incorporate lessons learned into future projects.

I’m really excited about the introduction of our PMO and believe that it will make a great difference to the success of our projects. Time will tell, so watch this space.

Posted by: Emma Barrett, Executive GM, Solutions & Services | 10 September 2007

Tags: PMO, Project Management

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