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Windows 8 arrives

Reports about the launch of Windows 8 on October 26 are everywhere today, recognising a significant milestone in Microsoft’s history, and a significant update for those of us in the Microsoft ecosystem: customers and Microsoft partners alike.

Windows 8

Over the next few days, weeks and months we’ll no doubt get more opportunities to digest what Windows 8 means to each of us; that could mean a new device as we run up to Christmas present-buying season, updating the operating system on our current PC or laptop, through to using applications that take advantage of the Windows 8 user interface.

It could mean adopting a new Microsoft Surface, or one of the dozens of other Windows 8-based tablets now in-market. It could mean looking at the all in one PCs making their way to market now, coupling the power of a PC with a large (touch) screen. And it could mean using Windows Phone 8, the close relative, as new devices running that operating system start to appear.

As time goes on the influence of Windows 8 will become apparent in the applications we use, the web services we consume, and the myriad devices that will come to market designed to run the operating system – in other words, there will be hard to avoid its influence.

Make no mistake: Microsoft’s vision is comprehensive, designed to give organisations and users a range of options to use their products and services. Microsoft has begun a new chapter in its history, and right now we should applaud its innovation, its ambition and the sheer scale of what it’s doing. Regardless of what its competitors may do, and what the punters may say, Microsoft is embarking on a new journey and we’re looking forward to the ride.

Posted by: Gary Binns | 26 October 2012

Tags: Microsoft, Surface, Windows 8

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