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Just how engaging are New Zealand websites?

Introducing The Engaged Web in New Zealand Report 2012. 

This morning we launched The Engaged Web in New Zealand Report. You can download a copy of the report or watch a clip, with a brief summary of the report’s findings and a few overview comments. 

In 2011, we conducted our first Engaged Web study based on previous studies carried out by EPiServer in the United Kingdom and Australia. This year we have done the same, benchmarking the concept of engagement across New Zealand’s 50 most trafficked sites in 10 industries.


What did the report tell us?

Amongst other things, our findings showed that in the past 12 months (since the last 2011 Engaged Web survey), websites in New Zealand have invested significantly in making their sites more engaging – and are doing a better job. They’ve continued to embrace social media and mobile, and these will only continue to redefine the web as we know it.


Top three vertical sectors for 2012 and 2011

Top three vertical sectors for 2011 and 2012.


The engagement levels of the ten vertical sectors we analysed.

The overall engagement levels of the ten vertical sectors we analysed.


Overall performance of each sector, comparing 2012 and 2011.

Comparing the overall performance of each sector for 2012 and 2011.


Some key findings:

  • Multi-channel. Organisations need to embrace multiple channels and platforms in order to engage their audiences. It’s not enough to just focus on the ‘Mothership’ website.
  • Small screens; big opportunities. Investment in mobile web development will only continue to escalate to keep up with the proliferation of on-device media consumption and Kiwis’ love of smartphones.
  • Like it or not. Social media is a core part of organisations’ online engagement, with 90% of the organisations surveyed making use of social media channels.
  • Fragmentation. The web landscape is fragmenting. Our desk-bound web activity is only one aspect of our online experience. Brands must work harder to provide a consistent experience no matter where their customers are.
  • It’s harder. In an increasingly digital world, it’s getting harder to stand out and be excellent. If resources are limited, the trick is doing fewer things to a really high standard.
  • Blog off? Corporate blogging has taken a dip in popularity, while personal blogging has never been more popular.
  • Overall improvement. All but one of the 10 sectors assessed improved their engagement levels, with government receiving the award for most improved player, improving on its 2011 score by 75%. Although Banking & Finance also jumped from 8th to 4th – the major mover up the rankings.


Google Art Project Website

Selected works from the Auckland Art Gallery, as featured on the Google Art Project website.

The web is an ever-shifting space, and this report is a mere snapshot of New Zealand’s most popular (highly trafficked) websites in 2012. It will be interesting to see what the next 12 months brings. We hope you find this year’s report useful and welcome your thoughts.

Our gut feeling is that next year’s report will focus even more heavily, if not exclusively, on how organisations are using mobile and social media to engage with their customers. Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see. 

Posted by: Giles Brown, Web Strategist | 18 May 2012


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