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Countdown to TechEd 2009

The build-up for TechEd happens over a short period and each year it is pretty much the same – a group of enthusiastic Intergenites put their hands up to be part of the TechEd team for the year, working tirelessly to ensure the labs run and virtual machines match, a small group work on the infrastructure and interfaces, someone themes the Intergen stand, and of course there is always someone overseeing the whole operation. To give you an insight into the work required as a lab tester there is a total of 209 VMs to run through and verify, a similar number of lab scripts to review, and then each lab needs to be run through from end to end. For most this work happens on top of normal project work. It is coordinated out of Wellington and...... read full post

Posted by:  Hamish Hill , Business Analyst |  07 September 2009

OCS, TechEd, Office Communications Server

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