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Easy Dynamics NAV data entry with OCR

When it comes to business systems, reducing time intensive tasks such as data entry, in addition to improving workflow, are an increasingly high-priority requirement, and the solution to those requirements is Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Generally OCR software will read all of the text in either an image or a PDF document and create what we call metadata associated with the image/PDF. That metadata can then be used to quickly find a particular piece of data in a document, for example a business name. Alternatively the data in an image file can be automatically copied and pasted without the need for someone manually typing out the information in the image.

A large number of both our existing and new Dynamics NAV clients are now wanting to talk to us about automated data capture and OCR. This is where Continia's Document Capture comes into the picture. Document Capture, an additional module for Dynamics NAV, is an automated supplier invoice capture solution that is cost effective and quick to implement. We now have clients using Document Capture to capture thousands of invoices a month across hundreds of suppliers.

Document Capture captures supplier invoices either from a network scanner or by directly connecting to an email address and pulling in the attached invoices. Through optical character recognition Document Capture "reads" the document, identifies all the data on it, and then generates a NAV purchase invoice record or matches it to an existing purchase order. This can all happen in a matter of seconds.

Dynamics NAV capturing document data with OCR

Document Capture is highly configurable allowing you to define how you want to handle different invoice formats via pre-defined templates and labels. It allows invoices to be matched against an existing NAV purchase order down to a line-by-line level if required.

Not only does Document Capture help with data entry, but it also is a data archival and retrieval tool. Once an invoice is captured, the scanned image is archived against the posted Purchase Invoice document in NAV which can easily be retrieved at any point further down the line through a single click in NAV's navigate window. Then there's drag and drop. In addition to the captured invoice, you can also drag and drop additional supporting documentation onto a purchase invoice or purchase order using Document Capture, archiving all documentation associated with a particular NAV document.

When implementing Document Capture, clients have the option of using the normal document approvals functionality, or using the more advanced approvals workflow from within the NAV windows client, or online via an approval web portal. Even via the portal, the approver can see the NAV document as well as the originally captured invoice PDF.

Dynamics NAV capturing document data workflow

For organisations who are using Dynamics NAV that believe their invoice entry process is more time consuming than it should be, Continia's Document Capture could be the answer. For those also considering document archiving solutions, going paperless, looking to improve their workflow as well as their approvals process, Document Capture makes complete sense.

For more information on Document Capture you can always contact us!

Posted by: Ian Barker, Consultant, Dynamics NAV | 16 May 2014

Tags: Workflow, Dynamics NAV, OCR

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