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Gnome where your future is…

Recruitment for this year’s graduate programme is underway! 

We have been planning for months and it’s now an incredibly exciting time for Rachael and I who will tour universities and polytechs around NZ to promote the Intergen Grad Programme. Our theme this year is Gnome where your future is because it’s important for university graduates to be thinking about where their degrees will take them (plus our grads are known for their sense of fun and spirit of adventure, so gnomes seemed like the perfect – yellow – icon). Ideally we are looking for people who see a vison of themselves starting their working careers as Intergenites.

We are on the lookout for graduates in their final year of degrees in IT-related fields who have an interest in coming on board as a Graduate Infrastructure Engineer, Graduate Developer, or Graduate Consultant.

When touring the country we are introducing Intergen, what Intergen does, the Intergen grad programme, and how fantastic it is to be part of the team. This year we are giving away small yellow gnomes which students are encouraged to take pictures with and post on social media to enter the draw to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (I wish I could enter myself!). Entering the working world is an adventure in itself – so what better way to add some excitement and colour to a graduate’s job-hunting experience than with a cheeky yellow gnome as their companion?

Graduate recruitment 2017 now open!

Interested in becoming an Intergen graduate, or Gnome someone who might be?

Here’s how it all works…

For the students who Gnome their future could be great with Intergen, we encourage them to apply via video application between the dates of April 7th and May 15th.  After applications close, we review and shortlist, then invite the candidates who fancy themselves as developers to complete an online technical assessment.

During the first week of June interviews are held across our four offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. (This is a (fun) logistical nightmare, where students are flown to cities of preference and interviewers are poached from all areas of the business). Directly following interviews, a lot of behind the scenes negotiation and shuffling happens in order to arrive at decisions around which candidates we can offer, for which practice, in which location – I like to think of it as a really intense jigsaw puzzle!

Once all the pieces are in place we arrive at my favourite part – calling grads to offer them a role. Their enthusiasm and excitement when we call to offer is infectious and – all going to plan, by the end of June we will have 20 new graduate who Gnome their future is as an Intergenite.

Want to Gnome more?

Posted by: Intergen Recruitment | 07 April 2016

Tags: Graduate Oppportunities, Graduate Recruitment, Graduates

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