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Business Games 2011

Intergen well and truly stood out amongst the crowd in this year’s Business Games. A large number of Wellington staff members put on their yellow jerseys to participate in various events, competing against other businesses in the region.

Winners of Best Team Attitude at the Business Games 2011

We didn’t beat our competitors in every single event – but we are very proud of winning first prize for the “Best Team Attitude” in the corporate challenge, as well as the overall “Best Team Attitude” for the 2011 Business Games! Intergenites showed once more that teamwork is part of our company culture. We are successful if we all work together, have fun with what we are doing – and just give it that yellow touch! 

Some impressions from the Intergenites who participated in the action:

  • Golf – Competitive and 18 Holes Social

“The team made some excellent shots throughout the afternoon at the Shandon golf course. Some used their professional golf skills to great effect, keeping the team on target for a par score by the end of the day, others putting some serious long shots into the hole. Some however, having not played golf in a while epitomised the saying by Mark Twain – “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”

We ended the day eight over as a group and won no prizes, but had an enjoyable afternoon in the sun.”


Golf at the Business Games 2011


  • Paint Ball

“As for the game, it was FUN just like any other paint ball game. It was an outdoor shooting ground. The yard was well setup. Highlights - no animals were harmed in the game. One colleague was outstanding - he never got shot once in the six games played. A well-deserved team lunch afterwards was part of a fun day out.”


Paint Ball at the Business Games 2011


  • Clay Target Shooting

“We came 13th equal out of 36 teams. Everyone had a fantastic time and there was even talk of starting up an Intergen Shooting Team – watch out for us next year!

We were all first-time shooters so taking that into account we did pretty well. We definitely brought yellow to the scene!”


Clay Shooting at the Business Games 2011


  • Ten Pin Bowling

“We scored halfway in the fleet. Our second game we improved greatly and scored twice as many points (We all got strikes in the last game). Certainly a great team effort – even though unfortunately not enough for the finals in the afternoon.”


Ten Pin Bowling at the Business Games 2011


  • Yachting

“Unfortunately we didn't get a windy day so there wasn't any racing going on, but the captain was quite entertaining and offered a liquid lunch which upped everyone’s spirits – it was a pretty relaxing scenic trip around Wellington harbour.”


Yachting at the Business Games 2011


  • The Amazing Urban Race

“We scored mid-field overall. It started off with a race to the Wellington wind sculptures, thereafter the Roxy cinema, an obstacle course, the Kilbirnie Sports Centre, the zoo, the house sculpture on Caro Drive, bowling, Wrights Hill, Red Rocks and then back to Chicago. As the event name claims – an amazing race through our great capital!”


Amazing Urban Race at the Business Games 2011


  • Corporate Challenge

“As the darkness swiftly approached, a group of dedicated individuals checked their provisions before going into battle in the brutal competition known as ‘Business Games – Corporate Challenge’. The field was tough and complicated by the fact that the enemy had spiked our drinking water with an amber substance they called ‘beer’ – hilarity ensued.

As the competition gained momentum, team Intergen was on fine form, completing the obstacle course with ease thanks to our secret weapon, slipping past the judges in a Trojan sack…And we had the muscle. Confident with our position, a mysterious ceremony began. Followed by serious business tasks. A great evening with some great people culminating in: Great Victory, much Success (winners of Best Team Attitude).”


Corporate Challenge at the Business Games 2011


  • Indoor Formula One

“Synopsis: we tried to do it all, competitive lap, keep the boys in check, “sin bin” for aggressive driving. Go team yellow!”


Indoor Formula One at the Business Games 2011


  • Mountain2Sea Relay run/walk

“Both runners were a bit injured but highly motivated and – of course – dressed up in yellow.  Starting very early morning in Island Bay we took the challenge on the tough track. Pretty much 22km up and downhill with a lot of muddy sections - although we’ve been rewarded with stunning views from some of Wellington’s high peaks.

With some supportive ‘GO Intergen’ shouts every now and then along the track, we managed we did not win a price for the fastest team – but achieved our goal to finish the race in a time just under 2:30 hours which isn’t too bad.”



Mountain2Sea Relay at the Business Games 2011


Everyone had a really good time – and we’ll be back next year!

Posted by: Jaana Krause, Senior Developer, Application Services | 25 October 2011

Tags: Community, Business Games, Intergen

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