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Impressions from NAV TechDays 2011 in Antwerp (Belgium), 29 & 30 September 2011

NAV TechDays is a conference organised by mibuso.com, and I was lucky enough to attend this year. It’s been a great event with around 240 attendees (including the speakers) from 36 countries. The difference with this conference compared to others is that Microsoft is present in form of providing speakers, but in general the conference is organised and held by the mibuso community.

The goal of this conference is to offer technical only sessions, related to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and will be held every second year.

The 2011 event covered a lot of topics – primarily around NAV ‘7’, developer tools (upcoming and current external tools) and a little bit of cloud services. The main focuses have been the technical sessions around current and new technologies and tools – definitely a conference held by developers for developers without any “marketing talk”!


This year’s session topics included:


The speakers included well known Microsoft and partner people such as Christian Abeln, Vjekoslav Babić, Mark Brummel, Freddy Kristiansen, Per Mogensen, Michael Nielsen, Jörg Stryk, Eric Wauters (aka Waldo), Gary Winter and of course Luc Van Dyck. Every session had a Q&A component and speakers were also available for questions and tips afterwards.

A good concept was to deliver 90-minute sessions – long enough to introduce each topic and get a deep dive into details, plus enough time for Q&A (in most cases). In between the sessions, all attendees and speakers gathered in the exhibition area where the time could be used to talk to the sponsors, attend 15-30 minute presentations of several add-on solutions, grab the speakers to ask questions, and of course for networking, networking, networking…

Unfortunately, because of the amount of information there was to cover, the whole event ran in two parallel streams and in most cases it was very difficult to decide which session to attend – and, more importantly, which sessions to miss out on!


You can view pictures from the event here, and a video here.


Me with ex-Intergenite Nikolai L'Estrange



Posted by: Jaana Krause, Senior Developer, Application Services | 17 October 2011

Tags: NAV TechDays, NAV 7

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