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MVP Summit Roundup: .NET is open and everywhere

Applications powered by .NET will run everywhere and will be developed everywhere. That was my big take away from attending MVP Summit this year. ... read full post

Posted by:  James Newton-King , Developer |  21 November 2016

Cloud, Azure, Open Source, .NET, Development, Xamarin

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Open Source: An Intergenite’s experiences

Like a lot of the developers at Intergen I enjoy what I do so much that I end up programming at home. For the past two and a half years I have run an open source project in my own time called Json.NET. This post looks at what went right, what went wrong and what I have learnt along the way. ... read full post

Posted by:  James Newton-King , Developer |  26 February 2009

Json.NET, Open Source

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Diary of a first-time TechEd presenter

TechEd NZ 2008 is over! These are my thoughts and experiences of this year's TechEd. ... read full post

Posted by:  James Newton-King , Developer |  05 September 2008


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Announcing TextGlow - a world first from Intergen, NZ

Over the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to work on an exciting project at Intergen called TextGlow . TextGlow is a cutting edge browser application for viewing Word 2007 documents on the Internet. With TextGlow it is possible to instantly view a document within a web page, with no Microsoft Office applications installed, or the user even running Windows! ... read full post

Posted by:  James Newton-King , Developer |  06 March 2008

Silverlight, OOXML, TextGlow

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