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Advance insights from Dynamics Day 2013 international keynote speaker, Kees Hertogh

With Intergen’s Dynamics Day happening soon we took the opportunity to get some advance insights from our international keynote speaker, Microsoft’s Kees Hertogh. Joining us from Seattle, Kees is a director for product marketing at Microsoft, and a long-time member of the Microsoft Business Solutions Group.

Kees Hertogh Tell us a little about yourself and your time with Microsoft.

I’ve been at Microsoft since 2002, where I joined the company through the acquisition of Navision. After the acquisition I moved from the Netherlands, where I worked for the Dutch subsidiary of Navision, to the USA to work for Microsoft Corp. in Redmond WA. Over the years I’ve hold different Product Management and Product Marketing roles inside the Microsoft Business Solution division. This gave me the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the market landscape, customer requirements, partners and the Microsoft technology. 


What excites you the most about what’s happening in Microsoft Dynamics during the next 12 months?

First of all, there is new product innovation that we’ll bring to market. For example, we’ll have major releases coming to market for our customers like Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2012 R2. Secondly we’ve been making great progress in delivering a set of native device experiences, utilising all the innovation Microsoft is bringing on the tablets and phones. You’ll see us continue making progress and delivering both new apps as well as significant updates to existing apps. Overall, I am excited about our ability to continue to deliver innovation to our customers and partners year after year after year. 


How do you think Microsoft’s “Services and Devices” approach will affect the Dynamics ecosystem?

I think the Services and Devices focus will impact our ecosystem in several ways. First of all, a focus on service delivery will both continue to improve the “out-of-the-box experience” of the business application, simplifying deployment and lowering implementation cost for our customers.

In addition, it will also open up innovation opportunities for our customers and partners through new scenarios by mashing up different cloud services like, for example, Social Collaboration (Yammer) and big data feeds to provide deep and more actionable insights.

For our Dynamics partners, this will mean a continuing evolution of their skill sets, increasing their focus on helping customers address real world business problems and translating opportunities for business innovation vs. spending time and effort on IT maintenance.


What impact are the “four pillars” – cloud, mobility, social enterprise and big data – having on Microsoft Dynamics?

We see these ‘nexus of focus’ (as Gartner calls them) as “technology vectors” that will continue to influence the innovation agenda we’re driving for our ERP and CRM customers to deliver even greater customer value. We’ve already made good progress on this with, for example, the integration between Yammer and Dynamics CRM, the recent acquisition of Netbreeze , our continued investment in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, the increased adoption of this platform in our Dynamics products line and the release of mobile Windows 8 tablet applications for Dynamics, to name a view. You’ll continue to see us delivering innovation around these “four pillars”.   


You’ve been at Microsoft for a number of years. How has the company changed in that time, and where do you see Microsoft heading in the future?

I’ve always been energised by the company’s wide reach in technology and focus on innovation over the long haul to bring greater customer value. Microsoft has a unique ability to continue to change itself and improve its focus. For me personally, now is actually a very interesting time to work for Microsoft to see the company change into a Services and Devices company across consumer and enterprise segments. Implementing this big change and making bold bets like these is something that get me even more excited and motivated to be part of this change to make even a bigger impact on our customers’ personal lives and businesses.


What are you looking forward to during your visit to New Zealand and Australia?

First of all, I always look forward to any opportunity to engage directly with our customers, getting feedback and having rich discussions about how we can best help them to achieve their business benefits.  In addition, it’s always great to go from fall to spring in a matter of few hours of flying!

Posted by: James Page, Practice Director Partners, Alliances & Channels | 25 September 2013

Tags: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Dynamics Day 2013, Microsoft Dynamics AX

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