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Convergence in a nutshell and what you told us about your own digital transformation journeys

Just like a gift under the tree, we’ve wrapped up this year’s Convergence series for you so it’s easily and visually digestible, perhaps even one of the last great work reads you’ll experience before you activate your out of office message and head for the sunny horizon...

Download the Convergence 2017 highlights eBook, where you’ll find the perfect pre-Christmas-sized digital transformation digest: all Convergence’s best bits, the soundbites, highlights, photos and… perhaps most interesting of all – what you told us about your digital transformation journeys (in infographics). A very interesting snapshot indeed!

And not to spoil (too much of) the surprise… unless you’re one of the naughty kids who grew up prodding holes in your gifts before the Big Day, some strong findings and themes emerge.

Such as…

Your biggest motivators for digital transformation?

Customer demand.

Your biggest organisation barriers to digital transformation?

Overwhelmingly: corporate culture. With lack of overarching strategy not far behind.

Who’s in the throes of digital transformation right now?

Fractionally less than half of you.

Who’s getting ready for your organisation’s digital transformation journey?

Four out of 10 of you.

Who hasn’t started planning?

One out of 10 of you.

Who’s reached nirvana – aka a completely transformed state?

Two out of 100 of you. Although… dare I say it, as a number of our client speakers pointed out – hoping to land at a definitive end state in a large scale transformation journey is a bit like trying to find the end of a rainbow. When it comes to digital transformation the it’s a journey not a (final) destination maxim definitely applies.

If you’re not already underway, when do you plan to start your digital transformation?

89% of you in the next 12 months.

And when do you want to start seeing results from your efforts?

Pretty much ASAP. (80% of you in the next 12 months.)


Happy reading… and – even more importantly – happy holidays!

We look forward to chatting with you about your digital transformation plans in 2018.

Posted by: John Bessey, Empired Group Executive GM Sales & Marketing | 13 December 2017

Tags: Digital Transformation, Intergen Convergence

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