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More of our leaders share their reflections on 2010 and their predictions for 2011.

We've surveyed eight of our leaders now, and key themes are emerging for the year ahead. Like delivering value for money, investing in our people, growing our business and making a concerted effort to celebrate our successes. Here's part two of two (you can read part one here), with four more Intergenites sharing their reflections and predictions.

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Murray Newman, Chief Financial Officer:

What’s the most important thing you personally learned in 2010?

I learnt a very valuable lesson last year, which was one of my most challenging professionally in 20 years of working.

My lesson is this: no matter how awful and challenging the current situation is, it’s only a bad experience if you don’t learn from it. I had a very low period last year but I learnt a lot and I believe that I am now better equipped to help Intergen move forward.

In your opinion, what’s 2011 going to look like? How is 2011 going to be different from the year just been, and what’s the one thing (if anything) you’ll be doing differently this year?

Looking at 2011 I believe it’s going to be very busy and very successful.  I am going to be making a better effort to explain my requirements to my team more fully and to find a happy medium somewhere between micromanagement and abrogation. I will also be trying to alter my messaging to be more suited to the individuals as opposed to a “one size fits all”.

Tim Mole, Southern Regional Manager:

 What are the most important things you personally learned in 2010?

  • Earthquakes and a recession aren’t conducive to profitability!
  • From a customers’ perspective, working with Intergen and obtaining the greatest value from us is not as obvious as sometimes we think it is.  It is our job to help our customers understand how building strong relationships with us will allow them gain the greatest benefit from what we have to offer.
  • Projects that start well will more than likely end well; or to turn this statement around, projects that do not start well will never succeed!
  • Our people are our strength, and investment is essential.  Intergen hires motivated and ambitious people, and investment in professional development is critical.
  • The evolution of the cloud is fascinating yet still largely misunderstood by IT decision makers.
  • The adoption of Microsoft Office Communicator in 2010 has impacted my productivity more than any other technology for a number of years – what other tool allows me to have 15 conversations simultaneously (remember I’m a bloke!)?

In your opinion, what’s 2011 going to look like? How is 2011 going to be different from the year just been?

From an Intergen perspective:

  • Intergen has invested significant effort (and cost) to transform our business over the last two years and we started to see the benefit from this last year. I believe 2011 will see this positive change continue in our organisation, both internally and externally.
  • Intergen’s specialisation and focus on verticals will be great for our customers.
  • Regionally, our new Southern leadership structure will provide the scalability and contribution we need as we continue to grow.

 From a technology perspective:

  • More so than ever before, the impact of the cloud will challenge the way businesses consider purchasing and utilising infrastructure and software.
  • On-premise vs off-premise, private vs public - Office365 and CRM 2011 will continue to challenge the perception of where these platforms best exist.
  • The demand for SharePoint-based solutions will explode as organisations realise SharePoint’s potential.

What will I do differently?

  • This year I’m going to celebrate success much more. 

Naomi Lind, Chief Projects Officer 

What’s the most important thing you personally learned in 2010?

Having been my role for six months, what I’ve learned is that we have the best PMO (Project Management Office) team! We say our culture is based on our people, and that our people are key to our business – and this is real. Our PMO team is seriously committed to what they do, and above all they are an incredibly talented team.

In the words of Henry Ford:

“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”

Working as part of our talented wider Intergen team, our PMO team ensures that we deliver success to our customers and bring value to their businesses.

In your opinion, what’s 2011 going to look like? How is 2011 going to be different from the year just been, and what’s the one thing (if anything) you’ll be doing differently this year?

Last year, what was clear to me was that our customers need to derive real value from project outcomes and the services we deliver.  We will continue to focus on giving our clients value for money. Through partnership we will continue to work alongside our customers to establish and measure benefit realisation for their projects throughout the project delivery lifecycle.

Through Intergen’s growth in the past year, 2010 saw our high-performing PMO team work hard.  We have a commitment to them this year to make their lives easier by continuing to improve our internal systems and processes. This will provide them with more time to focus on the real value-add activities.  We have a number of new people joining the team, and we are looking forward to their contribution.

On a personal level, this year is a year for “making it happen”.

Bruce Smith, National General Manager, Sales

What’s the most important thing you personally learned in 2010?

One of the most important things I learned last year was resilience. Last year was pretty tough, and when times are difficult there’s nothing like getting in deep and immersing yourself, keeping on doing the things that you know will work. I also learned to have faith and not panic. If you’re doing the right things, working hard and applying your experience, knowledge and pragmatism then you'll pull through.

As a senior sales person who has been in the sales game for many years now, and having seen low points in the past, I also learned the value of mentorship – being able to counsel the younger members of our sales team who hadn’t experienced a recession before, being able to teach them to not give up, and to get straight back up when they get knocked down.

Last year the sales team’s mantra was “fortune favours the brave,” and this proved to be an apt motto for us. It gave something constructive for us to focus on in a hard year, and I think it really paid off.

Last year I also learned the value of being approachable, of making myself available to my staff and offering my support. In 2010 more than ever it was important to make sure that as a team – as well as a company – we continued to celebrate successes, even (and especially) when times were tough.

In your opinion, what’s 2011 going to look like? How is 2011 going to be different from the year just been, and what’s the one thing (if anything) you’ll be doing differently this year?

2011 is looking exciting already. As a company we’re moving in the right direction and with some significant momentum behind us. We have a strong leadership team and the organisation has been carefully structured for growth, which will enable us to keep this momentum going. With growing strengths in our Managed Services areas, along with the constant opportunities provided by the Microsoft product suite, we’re well positioned for the year ahead. I predict that SharePoint, CRM 2011 and the Dynamics suite on the whole are going to be key contributors for us.

Add to all this the fact that we’ve recently hired some of the best people out there in the workplace and we’ve got what I believe is a very strong and compelling offering – a good reason for our customers to continue to grow with us and use our services.

In terms of what I’ll be doing differently this year, two things in particular spring to mind. I plan to spend more time focusing on how we can deliver the best possible value to our key managed accounts and developing ways to help make this a reality. I also plan to spend more time growing the people in my team and identifying professional development opportunities for them. It’s hard to do this in hard times, when all your time is spent from one deal to the next, and now is the perfect time for us to invest in our people.

Read part one of our reflections and predictions.


Posted by: Katy Sweetman, Marketing Director, Empired Group | 03 February 2011

Tags: 2011 predictions

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