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Intergen’s 2011 graduates share their thoughts on working life so far

In January every year our grad intake converges on Wellington and is subjected to the gruelling Intergen Boot Camp. Well, it’s maybe not gruelling, but with so much information to impart in so little time – as well as throwing in a bunch of interactive activities and a bit of socialising – every year by the end of their induction our grads do always look a little less bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than they first started out!

And then, come the following Monday, with Boot Camp firmly under their belts, we release them gently into the wilds of the Intergen office environs and Real Work begins.

With March already underway, we thought we’d check in with them to see how they’re holding up. We asked them to introduce themselves, share their thoughts and observations, tell us why they chose Intergen, and, finally, to offer tips and pearls of wisdom for future grads.

So here’s what some of our 2011 grad intake has to say about Intergen and the working world now they’re well and truly in the deep end and the novelty has worn off…


Alex Aitken

Alex AitkenI studied Computer Science (BSc) at the University of Auckland. I chose to work for Intergen because when I came to the interviews, the people and office all seemed friendly. It was open, honest and understanding. I’m currently working in the Enterprise Applications team on an InterFuel project, learning about Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, WCF, WPF, and everything in between. I have to say that I have been loving the job so far and that’s what I tell all my friends, especially the ones still at university. The only downside so far is Jim and his stare or grunts when he notices something that could be done better.

Being able to play XBox every lunch time is a big plus. I don’t think I’ve played XBox this much at home! It’s much better when you have other people to play against.

As for tips for future grads… Apply today!


Josephine Hall 

Josephine HallI’m a Wellington girl – I when to school here and also to Victoria where I did a BSc in Computer Science. I had seen Intergen booths as a couple of career expos plus I had a friend who was in the 2010 grad intake who loved the company, and I was keen to apply because it seemed like a really fun company. At the moment I’m doing work with EPiServer and writing unit tests for our EPiServer Rapid Results framework, and I might be doing some SharePoint soon.

My general impression of life at Intergen so far is that it’s a really fun place to work; the people are lovely and will always take time to answer your questions. I also like how we get to go to some events together. For example, in the Portals, Content and Collaboration team we went to Tutus on Tour last week – I think going to the ballet was a new experience for a couple of people in the team. There’s always something to get involved in as well.

 It’s not really that different to what I expected, which was a relief in many ways! I didn’t expect to be so busy with real/chargeable work all the time, but I am! Intergen is much larger than my last workplace, and while of course I knew that, I think I underestimated how long it would take for me to meet everyone and remember their names!

My best work story:

Playing my first game of Intergen Indoor Netball was pretty exciting (even though we lost).

When I’m talking to people about Intergen I usually say that we’re a technology company that specialises in Microsoft technologies/products and it’s a really awesome place to work – I’ve got my elevator speech down pat.

Tips for future grads:

Go hard on your application to be an Intergen grad because it’s really is a great place to start your career and you’ll learn HEAPS. The best bit of being a grad so far has been writing code that might actually be really useful in the future – like my unit tests for EPiServer Rapid Results. That’s a really satisfying feeling.


Rose Harris

Rose HarrisHi, I’m Rose and I have joined the Marketing Team here at Intergen, as the new Marketing Assistant. I was studying in Dunedin and completed a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Marketing Management. I applied for a job here at Intergen as it’s a successful New Zealand company that is growing and has a partnership with Microsoft.  Also the chance to work in the technology industry is a plus, as it’s an ever changing industry.

I am currently working on a web research project (it’s released next week… so watch this space for more information this coming Monday). It’s been really great to get stuck in and work on a project like this as my first work task here at Intergen.  

My overall impression of Intergen is that, as a company, it really is a great place to work. Everyone is friendly, helpful and enthusiastic about working here.  Plus, you get free coffee, fizz and lollies. Overall, Intergen is a well-rounded group of people who don’t just get the work done; they also participate together in things outside work like sports, activities and events.


Andrew Laing

Andrew LaingHi, I'm Andrew and I have just started as a graduate developer in the Wellington office. Initially I’m spending three months with the team in Managed Services working on the helpdesk and looking into Dynamics NAV cases. I went to the University of Otago and studied Information Science and Finance for four years, and now I’m back in my hometown!

Once I have finished in Managed Services I will be joining the Dynamics Team downstairs working in the ERP space, primarily in Dynamics NAV.

I have really enjoyed my start at Intergen and it has exceeded my expectations. The Managed Services team has been really helpful in getting me on my feet and exposing me to varied and interesting work. It has been a steep learning curve over the last month but has thoroughly enjoyable. To anyone I meet, I express high praise for Intergen and the culture that exists here in our awesome office.

To any potential graduates thinking of joining Intergen, don’t pass up the opportunity to join Intergen and become an Intergenite!  The opportunities are bountiful here at Intergen and you will not regret it!


Laurence Lau

Laurence LauI studied at the University of Canterbury and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Finance and Information Systems. I work in the Christchurch office as a part of the Dynamics Solutions team as a NAV developer. I wanted to work for Intergen as it’s an exciting and innovative Microsoft Gold Partner in New Zealand with ample awards won over the years. Moreover, Intergen is a great place for new grads to kick-start their professional career due to the numerous expert mentoring and professional development opportunities provided.

My overall impression of life at Intergen has been an extremely positive one. The people here are friendly, energetic and extremely knowledgeable. The environment at Intergen is very vibrant and one that facilitates with personal growth and professional development.

The biggest surprise so far has to be the recent Christchurch earthquake and the carnage it has caused. It has been heart-warming to receive the ample amount of support from Intergen and its people. I would describe Intergen to my friends as an amazing Australasian, Microsoft based information technology solutions provider that works with bleeding edge technologies. What I would say to future grads is don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, as everyone here is more than willing to lend a helping hand. Also, seize the ample opportunities that arise!


Kyle Muir

Kyle MuirMy name is Kyle and I studied Computer Sciences at Auckland University. I am now part of our PCC (Portals, Content and Collaboration) Northern team. My main motivations for working at Intergen were that it seemed like a great company that was always attempting to keep ahead of the competition, which is important to me. After my interview and seeing how much everyone who I met that day enjoyed their work so much and loved talking about it I was sold.

My overall impressions of Intergen so far have been great. I’ve met some amazing people and all of whom are more than happy to stop what they’re doing to help a grad out and explain why something I’m doing either isn’t working or isn’t the best way to do something.

It is a little different to what I was expecting, especially getting use to team programming and team endeavours as university life really didn’t give us much team experience at all. My personal favourite thing so far has been InterFuel (an Intergen-only burger ordering system) and seeing all of our hard work, frustration and dedication come to fruition in a program that is now used every Friday in the Auckland office for ‘BurgerFuel Friday’.


Hayden Parata

Hayden ParataMy name is Hayden and I am an Otago Polytechnic graduate from down in the lovely sunny Dunedin. I studied a Bachelor in Information Technology for three years. I have made the big move to Wellington from Dunedin to work in the Enterprise Applications team in Central. I am currently working on the TicketDirect website and am thoroughly enjoying being back in code land!

So far any impressions I had about working at Intergen, and in turn living in Wellington, have surpassed anything I had imagined. The people in EA are great to work with and I am loving the new city. A big surprise I have noticed has come from finding that Wellington living costs are almost triple what was paying in Dunedin as a student. I didn’t think the high life came at this much of a cost!

It took but three days for me to make a fool of myself when I tried to buy Simon Bright (our Chief Operating Officer) a drink at the Mac’s Brewery Bar after the team bowling session during BootCamp.

For any future grads I have to say DO IT! You won’t regret it. Intergen is an amazing place to work and you will thoroughly enjoy it (especially if it is a new city to you). Don’t be afraid to try new things. I made a change and it has turned out great.


Nick Pickford

Nick PickfordHi my name is Nick and I am a graduate working in the Wellington PCC team. Before joining Intergen, I studied Computer Science at Otago University.

What attracted me to Intergen was its vibrant team culture, that they are willing to take on and train graduates and that they are a leading provider of Microsoft technology in New Zealand.

Over the last two to three months I have been involved in working on a project for Microsoft using SharePoint 2010. This has been very challenging but also very rewarding, especially when I look back at how much I have learnt in such a short amount of time.

My overall impression of life at Intergen is that it’s a tight community, where everyone has a positive attitude and is willing to get involved. I really enjoy the Social club's outings and playing for the indoor netball team.

My biggest surprise so far has been how entertaining the Friday meetings are. Having a beer and a laugh is a great way to finish off the week.

To my friends and family I describe Intergen as a group of very talented people who work hard, but also know how to have fun too. As a graduate I don't think I could have found a better company to work for!

To future grads I would say don't be afraid to ask people for help, everyone is happy to lend a hand and understands that you're not going to know everything.


Julian Robinson

Julian RobinsonSo far I haven’t really had any meaty client projects to get stuck into, but the upside to this is it’s given me plenty of time to play around with a heap of different things. I’ve built some MVC webpages with Razor, and using the Entity Framework, made some reports with SSRS for CRM, done some BI work building cubes, and consuming them with Powerpivot/Excel and turning the results into SharePoint web parts. All pretty cool stuff, none of which I had used before starting here.

The office is pretty mint too, and the weekly lunch over Tikka Masala is also great for improving the atmosphere around the office.

I hear there’s a project for me in the pipeline, so I’m gunning for my first fully chargeable week pretty soon, and like any new grad I’ve already blown my pay check on new toys – so I’m back slumming it again for a month!


Hong Zhang

Hong ZhangMy name is Hong. I finished at Bachelor of Information Science at Massey last year and now work in the Auckland EA team. Before that, I worked in Hospitality industry for years and do not have any IT experience.  I feel so lucky that I can work in such a lovely place and have so many nice people around.  

By the way, I got this job offer on Christmas Eve. It’s my best Christmas present so far!

I am currently working on an internal project called InterFuel, which allows Auckland staff to order burgers on Friday. In this development process, we are using Test Driven Development which I haven’t done at uni. When I get stuck, the people around me are all willing to help and share their experience. It reminds me of the Intergen Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), that “everyone is positively touched by the things we do”.

Posted by: Katy Sweetman, Marketing Director, Empired Group | 03 March 2011

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