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On “making movies” for Microsoft

Intergen’s latest foray in the world of keynote demonstrations: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, July 2011

By now it’s no secret that we build a lot of keynote demo material for Microsoft Corporation.

Just this week, with the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in full swing in Los Angeles, some of our most recent handiwork – a showcase of a CRM platform incorporating a suite of Microsoft’s latest technologies – was presented by Kirill Tatarinov Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Services and Varun Krishna, Group Project Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in front of a crowd of more than 15,000 people. Our Chief Operating Officer, Simon Bright, sitting proud in the crowd, reckoned it was the best demo of the day. He may be a little biased (although the crowd’s reception did seem to support his claim) – so you can be your own judge and view the demo here (our demo component begins at 1hr:37).

Using fictitious software company, Proseware, Varun shows how organisations can really “harness the power of the cloud” by bringing together the latest Microsoft technologies, using them in concert. Proseware makes use of a CRM platform in innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use ways.

Staff can connect with CRM in the cloud through their mobile devices and obtain 360˚ views through visual dashboards, activity feeds, and an Outlook interface. Office 365 combines Office, Outlook and SharePoint Online with Lync (the latest in communication products from Microsoft) to allow users to access their email and information anywhere and at any time. Lync integration takes this one step further, connecting colleagues and customers in real-time chat and calls. Microsoft has announced that later this year CRM Online will become an add-on for Office 365, completing the picture for small to medium businesses.

The demo continues, using the Windows Azure Data Market to gather as much public information as possible with which to populate a customer record; and by using Cloud Services to draw in available social information to complement it (like location-based information via Bing), the user is instantly armed with as much intelligence on the customer as possible. Plus an HTML5-enriched webpage allows for a mobile workforce to draw upon CRM data via touch-enabled dashboards and analytics on any browser.

And then (not shown in this demo), with the customer now engaged with Proseware, the platform also makes use of a Windows Azure training portal with a Silverlight video viewer and a customer accelerator plug-in. It all sounds like a lot of bells and whistles, but to the end user the effect is seamless. The tighter and more complete the integration of these technologies, the more powerful (and useful) the experience.

In a recent interview with InfoTech, our CEO, Tony Stewart, described the steady stream of keynote demo work we do for Microsoft as movie making. It’s a useful analogy (bearing in mind that Tom Cruise is nowhere to be seen and no one tends to bring out the popcorn at these events). Our ‘crews’ straddle our various offices on both sides of the Tasman (not counting our one-man presence on the ground in Redmond), and they work hard against the clock to build their bit in time for the big reveal. 

And the demo work just keeps coming. There’s more in the pipeline, and plenty we’ve talked about already in recent times, like:

This year there are three Intergen executives at WPC – Tony Stewart, Wayne Forgesson and Simon Bright – and their updates on the latest news and business trends from the conference will follow here shortly (once they’ve had a chance to make sense of the week-long information overload and long nights of networking and fact-finding, overcome their jetlag and distil their thoughts).


Proseware on screen

Posted by: Katy Sweetman, Marketing Director, Empired Group | 15 July 2011

Tags: Worldwide Partner Conference, CRM, Office 365

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