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‘Tis well and truly the season for digital transformation – Smarts is back and the December issue is now available online

For those of you who remember back to the heyday of Smarts, you may have been wondering what has become of the trusty old intelligent insights Intergen newsletter. And for those of you whose memories stretch back a way… you may even recall that once upon a time Smarts was once even a print specimen – lovingly produced, mailed and delivered to your desk on a quarterly basis in shiny (landscape, saddle-stapled, offset-printed, silver-accented) paper format.

Well, we’re not bringing back the physical incarnation of Smarts (despite the fact that there are a handful of diehards amongst us who still lament the demise of hard-copy-Smarts) but – from now – we are back in business with our quarterly online edition. As with this issue, we’ll be bringing you thoughts, stories and updates on happenings in the space where business and technology intersect.

Smarts of old – once brought to you in paper-and-PDF format (and you can find the Smarts archive here) – makes for an interesting insight into just how much has changed since we kicked off Smarts roughly 15 years ago!)

To summarise the general gist of this issue: unsurprisingly the digital transformation theme is strong in this one. But given that digital transformation is the most commonly uttered expression in the world of tech this year (the new disruption, on account of it being increasingly intrinsic to just about everything we do, no matter which industry or role we’re in), that’s possibly not giving very much away…

To give you a bit more detail about this issue:

  • Dynamics 365: an in-depth look at what it is and what it means to Dynamics customers, old and new
  • Intergen’s new conference: Digital Convergence 2017
  • Thoughts from Simon Bright, Intergen’s CEO
  • Intergen and Intergenite highlights from across a very busy 11 months
  • What a new digital workspace looks like with Intergen’s Snap 365
  • What we need to start thinking about, and planning for – when we think about digital engagement with our customers, suppliers and staff
  • The importance of connecting people with strategy and bringing them on the journey to achieve successful technology change
  • Thoughts on Business Intelligence from Intergen’s Priyanka Roy
  • A look at what can be achieved with a fully integrated, all-in-one Microsoft cloud solution – a case study of Variety – the Children’s Charity’s new business platform and portal
  • For the developers amongst you – a roundup of highlights from the recent MVP Summit
  • A visit from Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella (featuring Intergen’s very own warm-up act)

We hope there’s plenty of food for thought here for you to see you into – and through – December’s silliness!

Smarts of newnow 100% made of pixels and no trees harmed in its making – digital transformation in action!

Happy reading! And if you’re not already on our Smarts list, and would like to be, make sure you sign up to receive email notification when each issue ‘lands’. We’d love your thoughts on future topics of interest, so please get in touch.

Posted by: Katy Sweetman, Marketing Director, Empired Group | 28 November 2016


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