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Two weeks out from the first Intergen Convergence events: what to expect… and five reasons why you need to be there!

If you haven’t yet registered your place for Intergen Convergence there’s still time (just!). 

We’re less than two weeks out from the first Intergen Convergence event, to be held in Christchurch on Tuesday 17 October at the Tannery, closely followed by our Wellington event on Thursday 19 October at Te Wharewaka.

Aucklanders have a little more time to register (although spaces are filling fast), with Auckland Convergence – last but certainly not least – taking place on Friday 3 November at the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre.

Intergen Convergence

Five reasons why you shouldn’t miss Convergence

In a nutshell…

1. Digital transformation demystified. What are New Zealand organisations really doing? How does it break down? What does it look like in real terms?

2. Inspiration. Time out from the doing to reflect and think.  

3. Conversations and stories. Less of the abstract, more of the real life. Honest Q&A with, and thought leadership from, digital transformation protagonists (aka the people on the journey right now, living the ‘dream’ – or… at least alive and kicking enough to join us to tell their story). 

4. Practical advice on chunking it down and making it real. Assurance that – although it may look daunting at the outset – digital transformation is infinitely doable. Plus tips, tricks and practical takeaways. (Because, let’s admit it… sometimes the pressure to digitally transform feels like needing to know how to boil the ocean, put a definite measurement on a very unruly looking piece of string, or find a needle in an incredibly data-rich, internet-sized haystack... pick your cliché of choice.)  

5. Networking. Meet people just like you, looking to do awesome stuff, with technology as an enabler.

(And, 6, a bonus reason, for good measure. It’s free!)

What to expect on the day

  • Why digital transformation? What is it? Why should we care? And what should we be doing about it to ride the digital wave to our advantage?
  • The ultimate digital transformation hero story – the Emirates Team New Zealand America’s Cup triumph, told by Simon van Velthooven, Olympic medallist and key team member for Emirates Team NZ (Christchurch and Auckland)
  • The (tech) state of the nation: Considering the global and local events of the past 12 months, how will 2017 be characterised? And heading into the future, what are the big things New Zealand organisations need to be thinking about, and what role does technology play in this? A keynote featuring Graeme Muller, NZ Tech CEO, and Andrea Vance, TVNZ political journalist. 
  • The Microsoft vision and future. All roads lead to convergence. Hear from Frazer Scott, Microsoft’s Director of Marketing & Operations about what the future holds. (“The future is already here; it’s just not evenly distributed.” – William Gibson)
  • Digital transformation in action. An interactive warts and all conversation with local digital transformers. What made them take the leap? How did they do it? And what have been their biggest learnings so far?
  • How to transform right across your enterprise. How to get started today to drive a successful transformation programme in your business, connecting the dots across your entire enterprise. With special guest stories from: Katrina Ede, Software Development Manager, Ryman Healthcare (Christchurch), Neil Macrae, Manager Intelligence Operations, New Zealand Police (Wellington) and Bob Smith, CEO, Public Trust (Auckland)
  • How to unleash the power of the platform. How to dream big, start small and deliver fast – making IT easy through the power of the platform.
  • Customer experience. The key to it all and your ultimate differentiator. How do we up our UX game for mutual benefit (happy, dedicated customers, happy CFO)? With special guest stories from Charlotte Walshe, CEO, Dynamic Controls (Christchurch), Shaun Crooks, Team Leader Digital Marketing, Toyota New Zealand (Wellington) and David Audley, Executive Information and Systems, Green Cross Health (Auckland)
  • How to keep pace and stay safe in a cloud world. Today we’re faced with boundless opportunities, but on the flipside are ever-increasing risk and security considerations. And it goes without saying that speed is the new norm. A panel discussion investigating how we keep pace with, and excel within, this rate of change – and stay safe in the process.  
  • Data as your most strategic asset. We know data is the good oil, but once we have our data framework in place, how do we bring it to life? Tristin King, JUCY’s Head of Technology, shares JUCY’s journey to becoming data-driven in all things and looks at how to create an action plan connecting our data strategies to the why and the how of our business.
  • A glimpse into the real kiwi digital workplace. It’s not hot pools or rugby balls, chilly bins or cricket wins… but it’s still kiwi-as. A look at how real kiwi businesses are finding success today with their digital workplaces. What can the (very near) future look like for the intrepid digital adopters amongst us who are keen to achieve the dream of collaboration, productivity and seamless user experience?
  • Bringing your people on the change journey (Wellington only). He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. Tracy Voice, Ministry for Primary Industry’s Director – Business Technology & Information Services, shares MPI’s Piritahi story: a journey of technology-enabled change with people at the heart of it.
  • The future. It’s here, it’s happening now, and here’s what it can look like (Auckland only). Featuring AUT’s Tim Davison, Manager of Business Intelligence, Strategy and Planning.



We look forward to seeing you there (but you need to register first)!

Posted by: Katy Sweetman, Marketing Director, Empired Group | 04 October 2017

Tags: Dynamics Day, Digital Transformation, Intergen Convergence

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