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Insights into the elements of successful digital transformation: Intergen’s Convergence

With only weeks to go until Convergence, our flagship annual digital transformation event, we’re entering the last leg of preparations for three action-packed days across the country.

Convergence’s focus is on what the elements of digital transformation really look like and how they come together, at a practical level, and how New Zealand organisations are achieving technology-enabled change.

Intergen Convergence

Much as disruption and its attendant disrupt or be disrupted! catch-cry have dominated biz-tech headlines for the past few years, the quest for digital transformation (in part characterised and necessitated by this constant, here-to-stay state of disruption) now summarises the zeitgeist of the global business technology landscape.

And not just in the tech circles of old, either – with technology now ever-ubiquitous and increasingly influential across all areas and roles within an organisation, we’re seeing that, more than ever, the technology conversation is no longer simply the purview of the CIO and the IT department. The conversation has become less about the pure technology itself (the nuts and bolts, the stuff under the hood – although that’s all still there, doing what it does, of course) and more about technology’s role as an enabler of strategic outcomes (technology as a platform and a lever, not a discrete focus or an endpoint in and of itself).

With “digital transformation” as today’s do-or-die directive, organisations are asking less about what particular technology set they need and reframing the conversation to ask questions like:

  • How can technology help us get where we need to go, faster (and with greater efficiency)?
  • How can technology underpin and propel us for the benefit of our organisational purpose? 
  • How does technology support our people to get and give the very best in their roles?
  • How does technology enable new levels of customer engagement, fulfilment and retention?
  • How do we leverage technology to find new opportunities within what we do, to play to our strengths, to stay – or get – ahead in our field, to remain relevant, to preserve and augment what we stand for and what we offer in a fast-moving world?
  • And how do we make the big picture a reality? How do we bring it all together and join the dots to form the whole? How do we ensure true convergence across everything we do and ongoing alignment with our core purpose and end goals?

Herein lies a great challenge (in the sense that we are forced to question what we do and how we do it, even if the self-scrutiny is foreign or unwelcome to some – change is the only constant, as they say, but it can be an uncomfortable, squirmy old bedfellow).

And – on the flipside –an even greater opportunity (for those who are prepared to take real action off the back of this scrutiny, or to befriend that squirmy bedfellow, as it were).

The organisations that ask themselves these questions – and then create a roadmap and a brave (but not insurmountable) plan to go about answering them, committing to both the thinking and the doing – are the organisations that stand to achieve the greatest gains in this new playing field.

And that’s the purpose and focus of Convergence:

  • To delve into how to make it real – “it” being the oftentimes nebulous concept of digital transformation and how we actually, practically achieve technology-enabled business change for the win
  • And, through conversations, stories and networking – to spend time looking at real examples of digital transformation and understand the common ingredients, and how a joined-up technology platform can enable and propel your organisation’s game plan.

How are New Zealand organisations really bringing it all together (aka converging)?

What are the driving forces?

What are the lessons and the tips? The gotchas and the if-only-I’d-knowns?

And, most importantly, what can we all (because it – or IT – now relates to all of us, irrespective of our role or industry) do to make the goal of digital transformation a reality so we can be better at what we do, whatever that may be?

We hope Convergence will spark these questions, fuel the conversation and give you some practical inspiration to take back to your teams so you can continue on – or start – your transformation with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Convergence is our flagship annual digital transformation event, to be held in Christchurch on Tuesday 17 October, Wellington on Thursday 19 October and Auckland on Friday 3 November. If you haven’t yet registered for Convergence, there’s still time – you can register here! We’d love to see you there. 

Posted by: Katy Sweetman, Marketing Director, Empired Group | 28 September 2017

Tags: Dynamics Day, Digital Transformation, Intergen Convergence

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