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Empathy and data…

Like mentioned in my pre-Microsoft Envision conference blog, “Data – understanding the power and possibilities”, I wanted to learn a lot about “how to strengthen the ability to manage torrents of data”.

I was hoping that the Envision conference would bring me clarity on this as it is absolutely vital to a company’s success. Data was being discussed everywhere, but I have to say – the event took a bit of a strange turn, and I left the conference very excited! This event was different and the key word was “EMPATHY”.

Satya Nadella keynote at Microsoft Envision

Empathy was the cornerstone in keynotes from Satya Nadella and Michelle Obama – and it was so refreshing and powerful, while at the same time a very strong reminder to us all as we embark on a journey of striving to get machine learning and artificial intelligence to help us become more competitive.

Empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. Okay then; tell that to a machine that has just chewed through a million records and concluded one thing, but did not know that the suggested solution could not be implemented because there has just been a natural disaster in that area. Or the leadership team needed to execute the strategy is not strong enough to support the massive change.

In sharp contrast to this ‘softer’ subject was quantum computing, and Microsoft’s bet in that space. On the big stage at the keynote with Satya sat four incredibly, intelligent people who discussed this subject which only a fraction of the participants (and that did not include me) would be able to comprehend.   

Allowing these two different themes, amongst others, to be part of the same keynote was – in my opinion – a very good pointer to the fact, that there is so much more than technology that needs to be considered. As we get machines to do more and more for us, the human control and governance becomes even more relevant.

As a presenter said on stage – if you (as a human being) have no idea how to decipher and understand a vast amount of data; all you might do, by adding machine learning – is make the wrong decision faster. 

Posted by: Lars Agger, Practice Manager | 11 October 2017

Tags: Microsoft Envision, Digital Transformation

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