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Microsoft Envision 2017: data – understanding the power and possibilities!

If you continue to do what you’ve always done and act like you’ve always acted, you are going to become obsolete and irrelevant!

As someone who started out in the world way back before the internet, LinkedIn, Twitter, IOT and big data – I admit it: blogging does not come easy to me. So when I was asked to write a blog about my upcoming Microsoft Envision visit, I can’t say I was excited at the prospect of blogging – but at the same time I felt like it was a good challenge for me...

Reflecting a bit on that fact (no one likes to become obsolete or out of date), triggered my interest in sharing my thoughts before the event. If I fast forward to the end of the conference, what will make me say, “What an incredible event?” What will make me feel that investing three days was the best possible way of spending my time?

What new brain cells need to be ignited – so I can say: I am of better value to my clients, my colleagues, my company and myself?

Amongst other things, it will be hearing and learning more about what the term digital transformation means, but there is so much more to it. That terminology is used everywhere we look right now, and is most probably a bit over-used. What I personally need is a layperson’s translation, so I will be able to say:

“Now I know how to harvest and use the information in the data available to me, so I have all the information I need – to make the right decisions – for the benefit of all people/organizations in my supply chain”. Because that’s one of the most vital parts of the digital transformation. The power of data.

Granted I don’t quite understand how you can collect, store and present 12 terabytes of data; I can’t even get my head around how much data that is – but I do understand the power of knowing before you make the call. Structured or unstructured – how do we build “systems” that present exactly what you need to know at exactly the right time? And also have enough intelligence to decide what you don’t need to know and what decisions you don’t have to make – because they are already done for you by the “system”.

If that is what I will spend most of my time talking about and understanding while in Florida, then we are moving in the right direction. The transformation of the business is what is relevant – the technology is just the enabler or tool we use to help make it happen.  

That is why the conference is now called Envision, and has shifted away from more technical subject matter to a focus on empowering business executives in an age of digital transformation. The CEO, CFO or CMO does not need to understand all about the toolset/technology (Dynamics 365, Power BI and all) – but they do need to know what technology can do for their business. And a lot of the answers are presented in the data – the availability, the presentation and the readiness for easy consumption.

So if I can leave the conference and convey this message to my ecosystem back home: that, with the right focus and by having a clear strategy for what to do with your data, you have created a solid foundation for your digital transformation. That would make me feel good.

Posted by: Lars Agger, Practice Manager | 05 September 2017

Tags: Microsoft Envision, Digital Transformation

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