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The Tech•Ed racing car results

In the lead-up to Tech·Ed I wrote about how we custom-built the Intergen racing car simulators, the Intergen attraction at The Hub at this year’s Tech·Ed. And at the event itself I talked about the race car simulator set-up here.

Tech.Ed 2011 - Intergen's racing experience

The races have been run, the dust has settled and the results are in. Here’s the full story in statistics, and some action shots to paint the picture.

Total laps registered: 1811

Number of unique drivers who registered laps: 292

Number of drivers who did more than one stint: 130

Average best lap time: 2.06

Best lap time: 1.33.768 (Stig02 Car)

Top speed: 278kph (Stig01 Car)

Slowest lap time: 5.07.603 (Stig01 Car)

Slowest top speed: 121kph (Stig01 Car)

Most laps for a single driver: 57 (totalling about 2 hours of racing)

Most used car: Stig01 and Stig04 (464 laps each)

Least used car: Stig03 (437 laps)

Total registered time recorded on cars: around 64 hours

Number of times the WP7 app was downloaded: 33 

The overall winner of the competition was Dominic Nathan from AA (who incidentally won last year as well), who took away with him a Windows Zune, an $100 MTA voucher and an $100 Super Cheap Auto voucher. Other participants got to take away their very own memento of the event: an Intergen branded mini remote control car. 

Intergen remote control race car

The cars proved to be a roaring success – and were perhaps the only real showcase of a live integration across the Microsoft technology stack in The Hub, spanning desktop to cloud – with a number of punters seeming more keen on racing than attending the sessions. And drinking and driving was perfectly acceptable – in some cases it even helped improve people’s lap times.

The racing car masterminds Carl Hickton, me and Mark Clearwater

The racing car masterminds/mechanics: Carl Hickton, me, Mark Clearwater


Posted by: Lee Herd, Architect, Architecture Services | 02 September 2011

Tags: Tech-Ed, Tech Ed, Tech.Ed 2011, Things we built

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