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A cloud-first approach starts with security

Cloud-first means that an organisation first seeks to deliver applications and services from a cloud computing platform. It could involve hosting data and applications in a public cloud such as Azure, operating an internal private cloud or using a hybrid of the two.

A cloud-first approach starts with securityMost enterprises are already using public cloud computing services at scale or are planning to adopt the cloud soon.

While the threat of a data breach or data loss dissuades some from using the cloud in sensitive industries, such as finance, the growing consensus is that a cloud-first approach has considerable advantages and in many cases is more secure than trying to protect your own infrastructure. New Zealand Government agencies are now required to use public cloud services in preference to traditional IT system.

Whether you are hosting customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in the cloud, backing up data or running software as a service (SaaS) apps and email, having less physical infrastructure to manage can save you money and allow you to leverage off the scale and flexibility of public cloud vendors.

But as organisations embrace the benefits the cloud offers, they must also take a cloud-first approach to security.

In the Microsoft environment, many of the applications and services that are core to your organisation’s operations are built for the cloud with security front of mind.

Built-in security

Implementing the security technologies already embedded in Microsoft 365, with the Intergen Modern Workplace offering, enables proactive security measures and threat response. Your business will also be more productive as a result of you doing so.

Microsoft 365 can be used to enhance digital security in the following four areas:

  • Identity protection
  • Information protection
  • Threat protection
  • Security management

Key Microsoft 365 intelligent components include:

  • Office 365
  • Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security

Keeping devices secure

As companies continue their digital transformation to cloud-based services, more devices are being used to access these resources in a growing number of locations – not just from within a secure corporate network.

How do you give your employees the flexibility to access your organisation’s information from wherever they are, while keeping your data secure?

Intergen’s Modern Workplace offering help’s you achieve the necessary flexibility in the cloud. The Modern Workplace provides organisations with various Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions that cover teamwork for collaboration and device management underpinned by Security and Compliance.

With Microsoft 365 solutions, you can better protect the large number of devices that need access to your corporate resources. This holistic approach spanning platforms and devices, delivers the insights you need to block malware from accessing your systems, while improving threat detection and increasing the speed and efficacy of incident response the moment any breach occurs.

We have been helping customers in this space achieve quick wins through the implementation of multifactor authentication in Microsoft 365, first for administrators, then for all employees.

Once these “basics” are in place, we typically move onto helping customers enable security controls to prevent, detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats.

This is achieved through the deployment of Windows Defender and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.

Total cost of ownership

Anyone organisation pursuing a cloud-first approach will prioritise security, but will also want to consider the economics, or total cost of ownership (TCO) of doing so. Forrester has analysed the TCO for companies implementing Office 365 in the cloud and found significant benefits that flowed to the bottom line.

Moving to Office 365 led to:

  • Lower TCO
  • Higher productivity
  • Alignment and focus with strategic cloud priorities
  • Improved availability and uptime

With Microsoft 365, our Modern Workplace offering and the depth of experience Intergen brings to enterprise security, we have you covered. Get in touch to find out how we can help you take a cloud-first approach in a cost-effective way while keeping your data and applications secure.

Posted by: Lisa Haselton, Senior Consultant | 14 October 2019

Tags: Cloud, Cloud Computing, Data, Security

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