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Episerver Ascend APAC 2020

Intergen and Empired had a very exciting week at Episerver Ascend APAC 2020. The cherry on the cake was, of course, winning Episerver Partner of the Year award for the APAC region. We are so grateful to our customers who have allowed us to transform their digital experiences, and to Episerver for their share in our very successful partnership.

Episerver Ascend APAC 2020 Awards

Our work with Toyota New Zealand was also recognised in the Most Innovative Digital Solution category. The Build Your Own configurator allows their customers to see what their dream car would look like before they decide to purchase. This recognition is a real feather in the cap of many teams who came together working across a number of projects with Toyota.

Our work with Laser Clinics Australia also garnered the Best Buying Experience award. This transformational work was showcased on the day in a presentation by our own Kevin Miller, head of Digital at Empired, during the Episerver Ascend event.

Episerver Ascend APAC 2020

Intergen and Empired were lucky to have the opportunity to meet with the Episerver team a number of times during Ascend, and gained some valuable insights into their vision and roadmap for the customer-centric Episerver Digital Experience Platform.

The Episerver, Intergen and Empired teams
The Episerver, Intergen and Empired teams

It was good to hear from their team how the customer-centric Digital Experience Platform is being adopted across some highly governed industries like finance, insurance and healthcare. After all, security and compliance is one of the core benefits of this cloud-based platform.

Meeting Alex Atzberger

Alex Atzberger kicked off both the Partner Day and Episerver Ascend with some inspirational words. Just 90 days into his new role as CEO of Episerver, he emphasised a focus on faster time to value for Episerver customers.

He is excited by their new recent acquisitions of Idio to provide content recommendations and content intelligence, and Insite for B2B commerce.

He minted the term "best kept enterprise secret" in relation to the Episerver product set and announced plans to grow the product in the APAC market. This is good news for both existing and prospective customers.

Meeting Alex Atzberger

Content management is evolving

The Intergen team had a sneak peak of some exciting new CMS capabilities, currently in beta testing, that will make the lives of content contributors across your business much easier. All I can say is “Watch this space”.

Deane Barker provided some exciting thought leadership on the future of content management. Deane is the Senior Director of Content Management Strategy at Episerver, and presented at both the Partner Day and Episerver Ascend.

Deane looked further into the future with us into a world where content was not restricted to a specific system or CMS, but could be provided from any number of content providers. The content could be created anywhere and instead of orchestration happening in a single CMS, headless type of capability would instead orchestrate and deliver content in a distribution model.

It is well worth heading to Youtube or his blog to delve deeper into this thinking. 

True one-to-one content personalisation

One of Episerver's most recent acquisitions (Idio) will be available in May 2020 in the APAC region as two new products: content recommendations and content intelligence. Jacob Khan showcased both these products on the day at Episerver Ascend.

Episerver Content Recommendations offers true 1-to-1 personalisation based on artificial intelligence algorithms. It extracts keywords and phrases from your content, and automatically tag all the content on your digital properties. As your customers view your content, these keywords are used to build a personal word cloud for them. 

Content recommendations then use each visitor's word cloud to show other relevant content to them using its AI engine and natural language processing.

If your marketing team is time poor and struggling to scale your customer segments and content to achieve the level of personalisation that you need to drive results for your business, speak to us about making use of this module. 

True one-to-one content personalisation with Episerver

Intelligent decisions based on content performance

Episerver Content Intelligence is probably the feature that our team and customers are most excited about. This feature puts new reporting capability into the hands of marketers, content creators and strategists that is quite simply unique at this moment in time.

All the content that you are creating and wondering if it is hitting the mark, or even that content audit your team is doing for a new site migration trying to figure out what content your customers actually care about - you can now report on simply and easily using Content Intelligence.

Intelligent decisions based on content performance

It makes use of the same underlying capabilities as Content Recommendations in that it extracts keywords and phrases from your content, and automatically tag all the content on your digital properties. These keywords are then scored and statistics gathered as your website visitors consumes the content.

You are able to identify keywords of high-interest with low or not enough volumes of content on your site. You can also drill into each page and see what keywords that content consists of to determine if you are hitting the mark or not.

The roadmap for this feature is also really exciting when you consider the automation and in-context intelligence that editors will have available to them as they edit in future.


This blog is part of the #cxreimagine series. For more experts' insights, clients' experiences and to download the whitepaper, click the banner.

For more experts' insights, clients' experience and to download the whitepaper, click the banner #cxreimagine

Posted by: Mariza Löb, Practice Lead, Digital, Data & AI | 16 March 2020

Tags: EPiServer, #CXreimagine

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